Hacks: Internet Explorer 5.X CSS Hack For Xoops 2.0.6

Posted by: brashon 2004/2/8 5:55:58 7625 reads
This is an updated version of my Internet Explorer 5.X CSS functions.php hack from version, and is for use with Xoops version 2.0.6. What this modified functions.php file does is separate pre Internet Explorer 6 browsers from the post Internet Explorer 6 browsers. When a visitor with pre Internet Explorer 6 browser connects they are directed to a CSS file called style_ie5.css, whereas visitors with post Internet Explorer 6 browsers are directed to the standard style.css file. What this means is that you no longer have to make exceptions in you style.css file anymore to get you page looking atleast viewable in both of these major version of Internet Explorer.

To apply this modified functions.php file, download it and place it in your includes folder after renaming the exisiting functions.php file for recovery purposes. From here you'll have to create an extra CSS file in for your theme called style_ie5.css and optimize it for Internet Explorer 5.X usage. I don't forsee any problems with using this, and am using it on one of my own sites at www.brashquido.org without any problems.

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