XOOPS: XOOPS 2.0.6 released!

Posted by: onokazuOn 2004/2/8 21:41:34 23274 reads
XOOPS Team is pleased to announce the release of XOOPS 2.0.6. It includes numerous bug fixes reported since the 2.0.5 release and important security related fixes that address cross site scripting vulnerability in the newbb module reported recently therefore it is highly recommended that all users using the module upgrade to this version. All files are available for download here. Changes =============================== - Removed calls to XoopsHandlerRegistry class (Onokazu) - Fixed loop problem after retrieving a lost password (Onokazu) - Changed all include() calls to include_once() for xoopscodes.php (Onokazu) - Added routines to remove users from the online member list when a user is deleted (Onokazu) - Added parameters to the Critreria class constructor to allow the use of DB functions in SQL criteria (skalpa) - Added fetchBoth() method to the XoopsDatabase class (skalpa) - Fixed typos in class/smarty/plugins/resource.db.php (skalpa) - Refactoring in /class/xoopsform/form.php (skalpa) - Added some methods to /class/xoopsform/formelement.php to allow the use of accesskey and class attributes in form element tags (skalpa) - Fixed extra HTML tags not being displayed when using the XoopsThemeForm::insertBreak() method (Catzwolf) - Changed the default HTTP method of the search form to GET (Onokazu) - Fixed notification constants not being included during installation (Onokazu) - Fixed session data not being properly escaped before inserting to the database (Onokazu) - Some useful changes to the group permission form (Onokazu) - Fixed the block cachetime selection being reset after preview (Onokazu) - Fixed invalid regex patterns used for username filtering, also added fix to allow the safe use of multi-byte characters in username (contributed by GIJOE) - Fixed bug where some blocks were not being displayed in block admin page on certain occasions (Onokazu) - Fixed the problem of system admin icon disappearing on certain occasions (Onokazu) - Fixed the errorhandler class to check the current error_reporting level before handleing errors (Onokazu) - Re-activated the errorhandler class (Onokazu) - Updated class/Snoopy.php to the latest version, v1.01 (Onokazu) - Fixed a typo in kernel/online.php (Onokazu) - Added some useful functions to include/xoops.js (skalpa) - Fix for Opera in include/xoops.js (Onokazu) - Fixed user bio and signature values causing corruption in the edit profile form on certain occasions (Onokazu) - Fixed the module name being reset to the default value after module update (Onokazu) - Fixed invalid regex patterns in xoopslists.php (Onokazu) - Fixed a few issues with register_globals setting - Fix for the auto-login feature (not activated) - Fixed image categories not being displayed in the order set by admin (Onokazu)- Fixed a typo in kernel/config.php (Onokazu) - Fixed comments not being displayed in the order as requested (Onokazu) - Fixed the mailer class not setting some header values (Onokazu) - Fixed chmod problem in class/uploader.php - Fixed magic_quotes related problems in class/uploader.php - Fixed notification routines causing a fatal error while trying to notify non-existent users (Onokazu) - Added fix to convert & to & within mail messages (Onokazu) - Fixed html special characters causing problem when submitting a new module name (Onokazu) - Fixed javascript error in mailuser form (Onokazu) - Fixed javascript error in calendar date select form - Added a new Smarty function <{xoops_link}> (skalpa) - Added check to prevent webmaster user/group from being removed completely (contributed by Ryuji) newbb - Security fix in modules/newbb/viewtopic.php (Onokazu) - Security fix in modules/newbb/viewforum.php (Onokazu) - Added register_globals related fix to topicmanager.php (Onokazu) - Fixed topic moderation icons not being displayed for moderators in templates/newbb_thread.html (Onokazu) - Fixed topic time not being displayed in recent posts block on certain occasions in blocks/newbb_new.php (Onokazu) - Added fix to correctly navigate to the requested post even when the post is not on the first page of flat view (contrib by GIJOE in class/forumpost.php, viewtopic.php, viewforum.php) sections - Added missing global variable declarations to index.php (Onokazu) mydownloads - Added register_globals related fix to modfile.php (Onokazu) news - Added fix to always display published date in each article (Onokazu) - Added missing ?> at the end of file in xoops_version.php (Onokazu) - Some fixes in admin/index.php xoopspolls - Fixed color bar selections not working when creating/editing a new poll (Onokazu) xoopsmembers - Fixed 'more than X posts' not working when set to 0 (Onokazu) - Added a new language constant to language/english/main.php (Catzwolf) - Removed invalid HTML tags in templates/xoopsmembers_searchresults.html (Catzwolf) For users currently running 2.0.5/, extract xoops-2.0.5-to-2.0.6.patch.zip or xoops-2.0.5-to-2.0.6.patch.tgz and just overwrite the old files with the new ones. After that, 'update' the system, newbb, xoopsmembers modules from the module admin section to apply the changes made to template files of these modules.