postgres + xoops?
  • 2005/9/4 18:51

  • halki

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With this recent announcement http://news.com.com/MySQL+enters+Unix ... /2110-7344_3-5847453.html I will no longer use mysql. Does XOOPS work with postgres or do I have to look for another cms? :( I really hope XOOPS will work with postgres, Id hate to have to give up Xoops...

Re: postgres + xoops?
  • 2005/9/4 20:08

  • EMSguy

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I doubt it, plus that story was just published. Are you worried that MySQL will no longer be GNU/GPL? or just the fact that the company fought Linux over the constitutionailty of GNU/GPL?

Just curious.

But with a lot of work I am sure that the databse could be changed.

You would be hard pressed to find another GNU/GPL CMS that doesn't use MySQL.
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Re: postgres + xoops?
  • 2005/9/5 3:21

  • halki

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Im mostly just being overly idealistic, in that I want nothing to do with SCO and their partners. The SCO lawsuits and the treatment of their customers is not something I want to encourage in any way. Their suits about Unix source code in linux are especially laughable and just reflect poorly on *nix geeks.

Re: postgres + xoops?
  • 2005/9/5 4:06

  • brash

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This is a question that pops up quite often. XOOPS at present does not (officially) support any database other than MySQL. However, if you read Skalpa's roadmap for X4 you will see that the new XoopsDb framework design will use the PDO interface making it compatible with any database that supports PDO, including postgres.
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Re: postgres + xoops?
  • 2005/9/5 7:56

  • halki

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Ahh then this is good news! That will give me some time to learn postgres, and I wont have to give up Xoops.

Re: postgres + xoops?
  • 2005/9/5 8:27

  • adrock

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Regardless of MySQL and SCO's 'deal', the existing versions of MySQL that fall under the GNU/GPL would not necessarily be considerd one of the new partnerships products, as it was licensed and released prior to that agreement.

As brash stated, the newer versions of XOOPS will not be dependant on MySQL as they are today, and in my opinion there would have to be some serious 'changes' or 'advancements' in the functionality of how apps interact with a database before anyone was 'missing out' on anything by staying with the GNU/GPL MySQL framework...if it was no longer supported.

It will be interesting to see where all of this leads as time goes on....
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