API from labs.coop v1.1 release -- Needing a hooking stratum

To the Core Dev,

How are you greg? how have you been, noted and true your bulked down in 2.6, something we need to add too it before release is like modules a /api path that can also be assigned to a sub directory...

it should path internal within or without API hooks possibly with a query instruction file based on the following I have developed outside XOOPS so they sit in flawlessly.

I have a couple more API's too finish off which I will be working on tonight and over the next week, see I am and decided with our moderator mamba being quite shinny and like a being of light, too only code at night after sunset on the continent which is after 8pm AEST but the couple of API's left to do are the following:--

  • jquery - a jquery strapping stratum (self updating)
  • identity - a sessioning identity giver
  • fonts - an API for font services

The APIS currently available from here to download now:--

  • agents - User agent detector
  • why - why querism
  • places - geolocality locations
  • spline - google places splining
  • time - time ticket provider
  • seed - random seed provider
  • translators - translators
  • whitelist - API whitelisting
  • whois - IPv4, IPv6 & TLD Whois
  • spots - geolocality spots of interest
  • screening - toxicology or random person selector
  • lookups - IPv4 & IPv6 lookups
  • icons - Icons API provider
  • life - Radio streaming media provider
  • hashing - hashinfo checksumer
  • css - CSS provider API

I will come up with a packing method for XOOPS for /api/ off the XOOPS_ROOT_PATH that will be similar to modules that will use similar system and when I have finished 'example' I will let you roll the code as I am still having the issues of having a module perfect and then uploading and suddenly something in the DEJ puts an error in it... so that is why there are a few releases normally it like a physical attack from making https://xortify.com which should yes be bundled with 2.6 most certainly as it has reached the end of it current incarnation as the dev for XOOPS... maybe you can add some method with it for SPAM checking as well... It is a complementary package to GIJOE's protector..

--> good point I will put them on the SVN in Third party when I have a scheme for XoopsAPI on the SVN I will submit it in that category to Git and there... np

Re: API from labs.coop v1.1 release -- Needing a hooking stratum

Hard to understand what you type but you might want to check out the Service Manager.

Your modules can "provide a service" to the system and any module can take advantage of it. MOST of the system modules that are used by other systems will eventually all be converted to the Service Manager.

I mention this because time allowing I will likely be doing much of the updating. I am finishing up a phpmailer service in the next week or so and will be documenting the requirements to do so.

This is new to 2.6 but is a VERY powerful system.



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