PHP Quality Assurance
  • 2011/5/21 4:38

  • Mamba

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What tools and processes do you use to improve quality of your PHP code?

What are the Best Practices?

On XOOPS we've tried to promote some of them:

- PHP CodeSniffer

- Selenium IDE

- FirePHP/FireBug

What are others that you use and recommend?

Please share your experiences, so we can come up with a standard set of tools/processes for XOOPS...

Re: PHP Quality Assurance
  • 2011/5/22 9:05

  • phppp

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Just an advice, it is good for people who are learning and practicing PHP to pay attention to quality, standards and relevant tools, but should take Xoops Engine code as sandbox, not the legacy XOOPS 2 code.

Re: PHP Quality Assurance

While developers should get ready for X3 by reading up on Zend Framework and such until there is currently little documentation on the specifics of X3 at this time and it is atleast 6 months out before it is production ready. So I know I won't be spending much time developing for it until it is in Beta form and even then I will still be programming for X2 first because it will take time to build up support for X3. Of course full documentation would help with this but I think I have beaten that horse a few times already.

But regardless of use, the tools would be good to learn to use for ANY project...

It would also be a good idea to read up on the Zend framework and coding practice not only in preparation for X3 but it just makes sense in general.

It would also be a very good idea to learn about OOP programming and how it works. Alot of xoops modules use very little OOP programming and this can reduce alot of the coding errors I have seen. I realize alot of the modules were written for PHP4 and need to be updated to PHP5 but using OOP should be considered for any new projects. And is something I am looking to convert alot of the older modules into to bring them up to date.



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