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I'm not really a total noob, but I havnt posted here in a long while. Yes, Ive done searches, but havnt really found what Im looking for.

Ive got a site at:

I really liked the maitsco classic theme, but I needed to butcher it.

I wanted my 'broadcast box' to appear as high in the page as I could get it, and still have some kind of menu in view. I wanted it all the way across the page.

With the help of this topic:


I accomplished that fairly well.
Now I'm trying to find a way to make that box ONLY appear on the front page, and one other page. I know I can do that by fiddling with boxes eventually.

But one thing I am trying to do NOW is put boxes, for things like "Top story" or "Spotlight" in a couple of the sliding boxes at the top of the page.

I kinda sorta got it to work in one of the sliding boxes, but how do I get it (With different boxes/content) to show up in all THREE sliders? You'd have to look at my page to see what I mean. Is there a way to show a different box in each slider box? Like a "recent news" box, and "Spotlight news" box, and whatever box? ATM I am using the boxes sacrificed for right collumns.

Is there a way to use then etc, to make different boxes from different modules that would normly be on the right side?

Im not sure how to phrase the question to show what I am asking.

Also, with AMS, clicking on the "read more" leads to a broken link, or just the same intro text and no artical. Whats up with that?

NOW an easier question: I want to make those sliding boxes smaller, to fit the size of the sliding pics Im using. I havnt found a size code or line that will make those boxes smaller. I COULD make the pics smaller to fill the whole box. But I wanted the boxes smaller. AND maybe to add yet another box up there.

Any help? Or have I made any sense at all?


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