XOOPS 2.4.2 Release
  • 2009/11/23 21:24

  • Mamba

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Anybody found any further issues with the current trunk of XOOPS 2.4.2?

We are running 2.4.2 on the XOOPS Website and we don't experience any problems with the modules we have here.

Again, the 2.4.2 is planned as "Bug fixes Release" only, so no new features will be added, only bug fixes to 2.4.1

If not, then I think we should release it in the next couple of days.

After that, we probably should move 2.4.2 to /branches, and designate the trunk as 2.5.0 only (PHP 5 and MySQL 5)


Re: XOOPS 2.4.2 Release

I haven't any problem on xoops.org reading, posting, viewing pages or downloading files ...
But - do I remeber thats new comments system will be improved into 2.4?

Re: XOOPS 2.4.2 Release
  • 2009/11/24 0:48

  • Mamba

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Not in the 2.4.x

Any new features will be added in 2.5.0

We have to close 2.4.x series, because we have to stop supporting PHP4 and MySQL4.

XOOPS 2.5.0 will be supporting only PHP5 and MySQL5+

Re: XOOPS 2.4.2 Release

Had no problems, might have to go out and find a job soon, the honeymoon is over.. Need to get a family home of our own..

I will be search for 4 days a week full time.. There is a couple on offer 2.4.x has the recruiters shirty with we need to hire.

Trabis you have out done yourself and yes, I need to buy a new computer, eclipse locks up with my memory page fault I have with my ecc memory - least you can force it back online.

We need to have a mobile computing theme utilizing WURLF and xoBile.. for mobile.xoops.org --> time for another theme competition hey kris_fr

I am thinking a mobile portal with news, faq and a few useful static links, possibly no forum to start with.. JUST PM, for quick reply and a nice theme that only uses jquery when the mobile support ajax.

You also have to have cascading stylesheet for the image support

<{if $wurfl.image_format.png}>
PNG Images Stylesheet
<{elseif $wurfl.image_format.jpg}>
JPG Images Stylesheet



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