Xoops VS Joomla
  • 2009/8/6 20:49

  • Mazar

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which CMS is better XOOPS or joomla and why? I myself like prefer XOOPS over joomla. I find XOOPS very easy and user friendly.

Re: Xoops VS Joomla
  • 2009/8/6 21:04

  • webmystar

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I like the XOOPS smarty engine, the active and friendly XOOPS community and many more ... XOOPS rocks.

Re: Xoops VS Joomla
  • 2009/8/6 22:38

  • AxelF

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Jommla has a very huge community, that´s the plus from Joomla.

But the backend is very complicated and I got more Jommla sites hacked than XOOPS ones.

So XOOPS is my first choise

Re: Xoops VS Joomla

The best choice really depends on what your needs are. It's good to compare available themes, modules, and how you like/dislike administration.

I prefer XOOPS and chose it because of its modularity, which I found to be much easier to manage at the time than Joomla. Granted, that was about 3 years ago. In the meantime, I've been able to develop some module components in XOOPS and much prefer the XOOPS way instead of the 100% object-oriented approach Joomla! takes.

AxelF is correct in that Joomla has a very huge community, and with that, a huge add-on collection. There is a plethora of modules for many purposes under the sun. There's a lot of junk, though.
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Re: Xoops VS Joomla
  • 2009/8/7 8:14

  • Mazar

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Somewhere else i read Joomla VS XOOPS so some guys wrote that thier XOOPS sites been hacked but not joomla. so i was wondering about the security of XOOPS compare to joomla. my own site developed in XOOPS have been hacked several times. I dont know if it is because i dint change file permissions. or is realy XOOPS security is vulnerable?

Re: Xoops VS Joomla
  • 2009/8/7 9:09

  • ghia

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Security risks are everywhere, both in XOOPS and Joomla. You may search for others as Drupal, etc and you will see they have also their share.

I think in general XOOPS is a good and secure CMS. Of course, you need to follow strict the installation instructions and install Protector in the proper way, or it will doing your site more harm than good.
Security of a site is the same as for a house. No need to have triple locks on the front door, if the rear window is left open. Every single detail counts.

my own site developed in XOOPS have been hacked several times
And what was the vector of this hacking (how they got in)?

Re: Xoops VS Joomla
  • 2009/8/7 9:34

  • Mazar

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I have no idea how they got in. one morning i wokeup my site was defaced. they included lot of html at the end of module templates

Re: Xoops VS Joomla
  • 2009/8/7 9:46

  • solo71

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It may not come from your XOOPS site, but most probably from a leak in your host/server scripts.

Check that first.

Re: Xoops VS Joomla
  • 2009/8/7 9:54

  • Mazar

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Anyway the topic was to compare XOOPS vs Joomla. Which one you prefere and why?

Re: Xoops VS Joomla


if you ask in this site, of course XOOPS with all reasons you would like

I think the best way to compare it´s trying with both. Try 3 months with XOOPS & 3 months with Joomla!. After it, you could have an objetive oppinion.

I decided 2 years ago between Joomla!, Drupal, TYPO3, WP & XOOPS. XOOPS wins because i can´t found any reason to not use it. Joomla! looks pretty, but no more.
Drupal was really strange for me & have a hard learning curve. I haven´t got time for it.
TYPO3... i tried but complicated. Less info on my lang & i can´t found things for i need it.
WP... to be sincerously, half of me hates it, half of me loves it... Looks fine, easy... similar like Joomla! impression.

XOOPS... all of my sites are under Xoops... all of my customers sites uses Xoops... i create a spanish XOOPS community... i don´t know, but XOOPS gives me solutions (many problems, but minors).

I hope you´ll find useful my oppinion
HispaXoops | Xoops España

That's the way i like it! | Nada mejor que una Alhambra bien helada con aceitunas...


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