User Profiles - Facebook style
  • 2009/2/8 18:19

  • billm75

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Hi everyone, I'm very new to xoops. Have been reading up on it a little throughout the past month and have decided to go ahead and install to give it a try.

Since I can only work in my spare time with this new platform, I was hoping maybe some kind soul could point me in the right direction here.

I want to set up a youth athlete web site, where users can register an account, set up their own facebook style profile page with links to their video clips and image files. I would also like to allow them to upload their personal stats from their games and events.

Is there a module available that would at least get me started in that direction? I understand that there's not a specific module to do all these things in one package, but a launching point would be greatly appreciated. I may wind up having to contract out the coding for my specific needs, but would like to try something that's already sitting out there and could be tweaked to my needs.

I appreciate everyone's efforts with the XOOPS project and hope to be a long time supporter myself.

Re: User Profiles - Facebook style
  • 2009/2/16 16:19

  • JDLamb

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I haven't tried it myself, but does yoghurt have such things?

Re: User Profiles - Facebook style
  • 2009/2/16 21:49

  • sadistiko

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Yogurt have almost all you need. Only part with stats from games can't make with yogurt module. But maybe some other modlu can cover this part.
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Re: User Profiles - Facebook style
  • 2009/2/26 20:29

  • chefry

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There was a module, i think called userpage, that allowed each user to create their own page. of course, not as elaborately as Facebook, but they could have a blog and photos



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