problem check list
  • 2003/2/5 13:36

  • lykoszine

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I was just helping this guy, with his XOOPS install, and I reckon that if on the front page of this site, we had a BIG RED LINK to a form with certain questions, as follow:

Do you have PHP? Version.
Do you have SQL? Version.
Apache/ISS/Other? Version.
Xoops? Version.
Do you have a DB, with correct name and pass.

Register Globals, on/off?

Xoops URL?
Xoops Path?

Can you see install.php?

Can you see index.php?

Can you loging?

All this form would do, is produce a formatted text page that the person could paste into a messanger software, or their first forum post. No Db at all.

And if you were really clever, you could make it decision tree like, ie, if you cannot see install, it would not bother asking about index.php

Whaddya reckon?

Re: problem check list
  • 2003/2/5 16:06

  • lykoszine

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Obviously you don't reckon!

Re: problem check list
  • 2003/12/4 23:03

  • gmf2000

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I think anything would be better than nothing.


Re: problem check list
  • 2003/12/26 5:35

  • Falcon22

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My index.php page is blank after install; Here are my checklist responses:

Do you have PHP? Version. PHP 4.3.2
Do you have SQL? Version. MySQL 4.0.13
Apache/ISS/Other? Version. Apache Core 1.3.28
Xoops? Version.
Do you have a DB, with correct name and pass. YES

Register Globals, on/off? I DONT KNOW!

Xoops URL? Think it is correct
Xoops Path? Think it is correct

Can you see install.php? Yes

Can you see index.php? But page is blank after install

Can you loging? What do you mean?

Hope there is an easy solution!!!!!!!!!

Re: problem check list
  • 2004/3/23 18:06

  • Niamad

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I got the same problem. Just a blank window when browsing to my site.
As far as I see, everything's all right, tha paths are correct, the database also, I have proper access an register globals is on.
Still I don't get the page running, the scripts interrupted. But as I can't log in at all, I can't start it in PHP-Debug-Mode either.
So, anyone out there who might be able to fix this problem?


Re: problem check list
  • 2004/3/23 22:12

  • racor

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I've also gotten a blank screen once installation was complete. All check list properties appear to be correct.

Just not able to view anything once the index.php screen is called.

Any clue?

Re: problem check list
  • 2004/4/16 12:01

  • geordie

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Hate to jump on the bandwagon but I too have the same problem.
I had a beta site running on a win2k box with an older version of php and xoops, everything was ok . I have done a fresh install of windows 2003 running iis6 and a fresh install of PHP v4.3.5 and MySQL v 4.0.13. Everything appeared to go ok, I could run the install ok, everything was green, the database and it's tables were created ok but now when I navigate to index.php nothing. Just a blank screen. I cannot access the admin screen to activate the debug option but I have set the error option E_ALL in the correct file (which I can't remember off the top of my head). I still do not get any error info though
I have to confess (in case you had not guessed), I do not know a great deal about webservers or php I just want a decent cms which is easy to setup and use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Forogot to mention most pages I try and navigate to are blank (no error info) but a few do have errors, such as this one

Fatal error: call to a member function on a non object in d:\intepub\wwwroot\header.php on line 112

Line 112 of that file reads as follows

$xoopstpl->assign('xoops_pagetitle', $xoopsmodule->getvar('name));

Re: problem check list
  • 2004/4/16 12:11

  • davidl2

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lykoszine - a problem tree would be a very good idea... and it would save a lot of the same questions being asked over and over again :)

Re: problem check list
  • 2004/5/19 1:06

  • Anonymous

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go go go

Re: problem check list
  • 2004/5/19 4:58

  • davidl2

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Zw888 - or whatever your name is.

Stop spamming your none-Xoops porno site :(


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