Tournament Bracket Maker
  • 2006/12/1 22:24

  • rrwalkertr

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Hey guys, would anyone here be able to create a nice module to do tournament brackets and so on. not sure how but im sure you guys could figure it out. alot of team sites could use this for all kind of games. Thanks and please let me know if i can help you in any way. support@kontrolfreek.com

Re: Tournament Bracket Maker
  • 2006/12/3 6:04

  • chippyash

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What's a tournament bracket?

Re: Tournament Bracket Maker
  • 2006/12/3 11:31

  • Peekay

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Team 1 |
       | -- 
Team 2
Team 2 
|      |
              | ---- 
Team 2 (champ)
Team 3 |      | 
       | -- 
Team 3
Team 4 

The module TPL League Stats does leagues, but not brackets.
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Re: Tournament Bracket Maker
  • 2006/12/5 5:44

  • WalkerTR

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i have an excel sheet that you type in the teams names then a list of the games, you select the winners and it fills in the winners and losers bracket all on its own. if i just knew how to program php a little better, i could do something like i need fairly simple. i just want to be able to enter a team into my database, team name, and the members. then start up a tourny and put those teams in it. shouldnt be that hard, oh well. if anyone can do it, please let me know.

Re: Tournament Bracket Maker
  • 2008/2/24 7:48

  • whtdragon

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I'd like to see something like this too. I have some really nice excel brackets that automate some things, and I also have found this little program TournamentBracketBuilder.zip that generates basic html tables (uses MS VB scripting and some word or excel routines if you look under the hood I think - Maybe get some logic?)



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