Blank Page Problem Still
  • 2006/7/12 21:45

  • James49

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Nothing has helped me figure out this blank page problem! The install script was easy and smootha nd I had green lights the whole way. Once going to the homepage though, it was just blank. I can however get to a page to login so some pages load and some don't. The main homepage does not! I can update all of the admin stuff but when I go to edit my user or add an avatar it immediatly goes blank.

Is there one main thing that causes the main index.php to go blank? I have seen many users with this problem but did nto see any solutions posted to their forum topics.

Here is the site url if anyone can help!

http://santacruzpokerclub.com/ BLANK

http://santacruzpokerclub.com/userinfo.php?uid=1 NOT BLANK

Any help besides saying RTFM would be most helpful!


Re: Blank Page Problem Still

If you can reach Admin, enable PHP debug mode, view the blank page for errors. If you cannot reach Admin, see this Faq Page for other methods of enabling PHP debug mode.

You may also want to see the PHP Debug Flash Tutorial if you are not sure how to enable it (as well as what it does).

Re: Blank Page Problem Still
  • 2006/7/13 6:32

  • tvleavitt

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I'm James49's web host.

XOOPS Version: 2.0.14
Module Name/Version: any
PHP Version: 5.0.4
MySQL Version: 4.1.12
Web Server Software (Apache/IIS/Other): Apache/2.0.54 (Mandriva Linux/PREFORK-13.2.20060mdk)
Operating System: Mandriva 2006.0
Theme you are using: default
Custom template: (Yes/No) No
PHP Debug Messages: none
MySQL Debug Messages: none
Smarty Debug Messages: none
A full description of the issue:

#OOPS# thing generates zero length pages for some pages, but not others. DEBUG is ON EVERYWHERE. in /etc/php.ini, and in the preferences. NOTHING POPS UP, NO ERROR MESSAGES ARE GENERATED, NOTHING GETS LOGGED ANYWHERE, etc. etc. etc. when this happens.

I have register_globals on. I have safe mode off. I've done everything I can think of over two days to make this work, *consistently*. None of the FAQs are helpful, because none of them describe a situation in which no error messages are generated anywhere, but you still see blank pages.

I've got ten years plus worth of sysadmin experience, and am pretty savvy at troubleshooting and debugging all sorts of things, but I'm pretty much stumped.

Re: Blank Page Problem Still
  • 2006/7/13 6:48

  • snow77

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the only thing that ocurrs to me right now is for you to reupload all the files again except mainfile.php, make sure the correct folders have the right permissions, double check that it is not a theme problem, and erase all files in templates_c folder except the index.html


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