Some point/money system plausible?
  • 2006/5/15 22:15

  • dwyer

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I was just wondering if it was possible for a XOOPS website too have people earn "points" for actions. for example, one point for logging on, 5 points for a comment, and such.
I was also wondering if it was possible to award visitors for their points by upgrading them a "user-type" like going from a newb to a regular, where a regular has more rights than a newb.
or something along thos elines. thanks.

Re: Some point/money system plausible?
  • 2006/5/15 22:31

  • hyperpod

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I was working on a module which tracks points system for XOOPS last year.

There are some tough things about that make it not work very well without using real hooks.

For example, a previous points system goes through common content modules and counts how many items were added from a user and then looks up the set points for that type of content.

That is the best you can get, but it is very poor on a busy site.

This is becasue, if content gets deleted then the users points automatically change. This is not adequate, becasue once a user has points, they never want to lose them, and would in fact get very angry for losing them... times this by 100 users or more and you would have a real nightmare brewing.

Also, points for loggin on would not be so good. I can log out and log in and log out and log in and gain many points a day if that were enabled.

Also, if you get points for loggin in, then points should be taken away for loggin out, hehe... so essentially you dont need log in points since they would be cancelled out... A better idea is to start them with a certain number of points for registering.

Points should be awarded when a user adds the type of content that makes the site valuable, forum posts or comments are generally 1 pointers.

I would love to finish this module, but there would need to be some things in place... maybe 2.4+ will offer a better framework for doing this under.

Otherwise, if someone wants to write up a detailed document on how a points system should work, then i would be happy to code something that follows it.

The problem is, im already aware of some inherent problems with the way it would work at this point.

Maybe someone has a better way?

Points system for CMS rock, i would love to see one or make one.

Best regards,
Daniel Hall / XOOPS Module Development & Theme Design
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Re: Some point/money system plausible?
  • 2006/5/16 14:37

  • Mantooth

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I'd love to have a points system. I have a million ideas about how it could work, but i don't really know how to code php.

I can see how it might cause a lot of problems though. Any good use of the point system would have to tie in to certain modules like cbb. and i'm guessing if it affected the group system, it could get complicated and maybe cause security issues.

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