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  • 2006/2/7 20:09

  • Arowana

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I used to be all about one webhost and finally got sick of their horrible support. I started looking around and found a new host that is called Live Jade Hosting located onthe web at http://www.livejade.com. Their pricing is fair for their services and I asked them directly do you load up your servers with a bunch of accounts and if they supported XOOPS, this is the reply I got

"Thank you for your interest in livejade.com.
Yes we do support you installing XOOPS. We do not put many restrictions on our services unless it will gravely affect the servers and or our customers. We are currently looking to offer specials that use coupons when signing up. Since many of our support staff uses XOOPS on a regular basis we will be offering the first 10 customers from the XOOPS site using the coupon code of XOOPSA $12.00 off for one year and no set up fees. If you know anyone we can contact at XOOPS for advertising on their website please feel free to pass on our website info.

As far as loading up our servers we do our best to spread all our accounts across all of our servers so that we do not cause downtime. Of course we would love to grow but we started this business because our former company loaded up their boxes all the time and we suffered. As long as we are breaking even we are happy. We are not here to get rich off our customers but to get them started and on their way to bigger and better things.

If you are really concerned about server over loads you might want to look at dedicated hosting. Our pricing starts at $149.99 a month and you would have full control over who is on your server. We do have other plans but we sell out of our dedicated pretty quickly. If you do go that route please email us before you order so we can have all your details set, understand your entire set of needs and have you online in about an hour.

Best Regards

I did try their basic plan and they gave me the 25% discount because I menchoned XOOPS.org, even though they have not put up their coupon system yet. They are very friendly and always answered all of my support issues in a very timely manner. Even on Sundays! All support is through email / their support center that you get access to once you do sign up. My sign up only took about 20 minutes even though on the receipt it stated up to 24 hours. I ordered mine January 28 at 10pm PST.

Just thought I would share my new host, livejade.com, with XOOPS.org

Re: Live Jade Hosting
  • 2006/12/18 18:24

  • Arowana

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Just wanted to give an update on this host and let everyone know I have received this email this morning from them.

Due to our over whelming success this past year we are offering special pricing for our Basic Package for XOOPS users only. This pricing will be valid for the life of the account. For a limited number of new sign ups (5) our Basic Package is only $9.99 a YEAR. Please use coupon code "XOOPSA" for this sign up.

Our basic plan gives the beginner more space then the other guys and will allow them to grow without having to upgrade within a month.

Please check out all our packages at Live Jade Hosting


So far I have been with Live Jade Hosting for several month with very little issues. The issues I have had were taken care of right away and the attention I have received has been outstanding. I wish you the same success I have had with Live Jade Hosting.

FREE HOSTING - Live Jade Hosting
  • 2007/1/1 20:11

  • Arowana

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I learned that http://www.livejade.com or Live Jade Hosting Company was up for sale last week so I have purchased it.

I feel the best form of advertising is word of mouth so with my new venture I am giving away five (5) FREE web hosting packages. The packages are the basic packages but comes with a lot of features for Linux Hosting.

If you decide to take advantage of this offer the only thing I ask in return is word of mouth advertising.
Please give Live Jade Hosting a review here and any other website you see fit.

To sign up just go to http://www.livejade.com and click on the BASIC package. When it is time for the sign up use the coupon code "FREE" and your first year will be completely FREE.

No gimmicks no games, just 100% free hosting.

If you have questions feel free to contact me here or at jmckee(at)livejade.com

Basic Plan includes:
3000 MB Disk Space
Unlimited Email Accounts
1.2 TB per Year Bandwidth
100,000 MB Data Transfer

cPanel Access
Email Management
mySql Databases
Mailing Lists
FTP Accounts
Auto Responders
Private Directories
HTTP Streaming
Custom Error Pages
99% Uptime per Month
High Speed Servers
24x7 Technical Support
and much more.....

We currently do not provide domain names for our packages.

Re: FREE HOSTING - Live Jade Hosting
  • 2007/1/10 12:55

  • evylrat

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I'm very interesed in this. My current free host (http://www.streamline.net) will expire in next few weeks. Can't say I'm happy with the performance, especially when running scripts (they fail 90% of time).

Anyway, tried your site, i get the following message when trying to order a package.

Fatal error: This encoded file is corrupted. Please refer to http://www.zend.com/support/support_faq.php?id=loader_file_corrupt for further help in /home/livejade/public_html/member/classes/mysql.php on line 0


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Re: FREE HOSTING - Live Jade Hosting
  • 2007/1/12 21:07

  • Arowana

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That was scheduled down time that customers knew about. Try it again


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