Help urgently needed with Xoops administration and content controls
  • 2006/1/2 13:36

  • Scenicus

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I feel like an utter moron, I am trying to create my site without the help of my partner (he is busy creating his own site with mambo) he found XOOPS for me believing it to be the easiest programme for creating my website. However, I can not work out how to get content into the menus and I cannot work out how to provide different menus and different content for different user groups.
The nature of the site means that some of the content should not be viewed by children but I am having difficulty with how I find out if a registered user is a child or not before I activate their account. I also want to provide them with the same modules that the adults will have access to but with modified content.
Everything I am trying to do is exceptionally difficult and I am not finding it user friendly for complete beginners such as myself, I really like however the look of the programme.
Is there something I can install to make things like creating links, putting blocks in modules, providing different content for different users, basically everything made more easy for someone who has no html code knowledge and provides a more sort of automated thing. I am really stuck and stressed, I moved to using XOOPS from using PHP-Nuke and I really don't want to start my website again using another program.

Re: Help urgently needed with Xoops administration and content controls
  • 2006/1/2 13:48

  • kiwiguy

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Thats a hairy one LOL.

As for knowing whether a person is underage or not your really never going to be 100% sure unless they provide phot ID and even then that could be bodgy so really there is no safeguard against that except hoping that all members that join are honest.

As for showing certain parts to certain people or members that you would have to look in the group permissions area of your admin panel under the main admin part, you can create different groups like the kids group and set the permissions accordingly and then a group for adult members and so on and so on.

As for the blocks I am hazarding a guess that you can control these the blocks area of your admin panel it will show you what blocks are available and you can put them wherever you wish on the site according to the weight you give them for example weight 1 would be the top of your page weight 10 would be round the bottom of it.. You also can set permissions on the group permissions what blocks are viewable by what group of members.

I hope this has helped I am sure somebody else may be able to explain it better than me if you don't.

Re: Help urgently needed with Xoops administration and content controls
  • 2006/1/2 14:14

  • gestroud

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1. Sounds like you've already got your site up so instead of starting you off with the installation FAQS, I suggest you take a look at this next set of FAQs about administering a XOOPS site:


(though you may want to review the installation FAQs,just in case:

https://xoops.org/modules/smartfaq/category.php?categoryid=9 )

2. There is no real way to honestly determine an already-registered user's age, but there is a way to have users register and put their ages in the registration form:


3. The AMS module will allow you to set different user access levels for article reading:


4. There is a membership module that might help you create/transfer users to new groups if/when you're able to determine the ages of your remaining members. I did notice in the comments following the module's description that there are some bugs in the module.

https://xoops.org/modules/repository/s ... file.php?cid=101&lid=1488


Re: Help urgently needed with Xoops administration and content controls
  • 2006/1/2 14:39

  • Scenicus

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Thanks guys I will give it all a go.


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