mass email function
  • 2005/4/15 10:31

  • vhcs2

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Hi all,

xoops works fine and stable but I have a problem to send mass email to all registred users.

About my XOOPS installation and konfiguration:
- XOOPS Version 1 (info form the system modul)
- Around 1100 registred users
- I wrote a scrip and migrated all this users from phpBB to XOOPS => all works fiine
- Email to other groups like "Webmasters" works perfect
- Mail server settings are OK and XOOPS send mails

What do not works:
- i choose "Registred Users" from the mail page, fill up the forms and click send.
- browser load and stay on the same page

... the same but with group "Webmasters" works ?!?!?

I checked the codes (open source, open feature) but didn't find anything wrong. Mybe I forgot to migrate somethnig or set some wrong user settings in the DB

Thank you for your help in advance


Re: mass email function
  • 2005/9/1 20:43

  • Sebastian

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I was wondering if you guys could help me out.

I'm running a xoops2.0 website, and today I sent out a mass e-mail (newsletter0 to my users. Now, it turns out some haven't got it. Some on the other hand have.

So, what condidtions must a user meet to receive mass mail? I know he has to request to "be mailed occasional information from the Admins", does he also have to switch "preferred notification method" to e-mail? Will running a query

"UPDATE `xoops_users` SET `notify_method` = '2' WHERE `notify_method` = '1' ;"

before I send out mail solve my problems?


Re: mass email function
  • 2005/9/2 14:07

  • Sebastian

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Also, this appeared to be the problem when I had phpmail as my mail method. No errors would be repord, but some mails don't get through.

Sendmail doesn't work at all, and with smtpauth most of the mail gets through (all of what was sent) except for those which showed srrors. And errors appear to be totally random.


Re: mass email function
  • 2009/1/6 2:18

  • IShades

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I thought this was a support forum but it seems no one really cares to help nowadays.
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Re: mass email function
  • 2009/1/6 10:52

  • ghia

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it seems no one really cares to help nowadays
It's a post from 2005 and now it's 2009!

Re: mass email function
  • 2009/1/17 23:15

  • munky2020

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