Module SDK
  • 2005/4/6 17:00

  • banned

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Hi there,
It can be usefull to create, and release, a blank module that can be used as a starting point for the module's developing.
I mean, create a default module structure, fill it with the files do you want and put in these files some commented lines of code where we can explain what that file is intended for.
In this blank module we can put, also, the readme, changelog, language diffs, etc files of rowdie.

What do you think about this idea?
If you are right I can start to work on this right now.


Re: Module SDK
  • 2005/4/7 9:47

  • Dave_L

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That's could be useful. Marcan contacted me and also said it was a good idea, and he offered to help with it.

But keep in mind that there are going to be changes to the XOOPS core in version 2.1 and version 3 that may affect the structure of modules.

Re: Module SDK
  • 2005/4/7 10:57

  • rowdie

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I think it's an excellent idea, banned.

Jan304 (from the Dutch XOOPS community) made a sample module last year which is in the module repository here.

Using that sample module would be a good place to start. There are plenty of things that need to be updated and added though. What I'd like to see is sample documentation included, like you said, plus:

1. expanding the xoops_version.php details to include examples for onInstall, onUpdate, onUnistall, for a start (details in the dev wiki)

2. A 'class' directory, with a sample class which extends the XoopsObject class, and has the proper header comment and phpdoc comments throughout.

3. A sample sql file

4. Sample language files, including modinfo.php, main.php, admin.php, blocks.php

5. maybe a sample admin directory, with index.php, menu.php files...? That would help with explaining the admin.php example language file.

6. maybe include the template for the admin icons...?

Making a standards-compliant sample module would be very helpful, not only to give module developers a good starting point but also to illustrate the standards we have, such as they are. It'd also be a great way for us to see the standards in action, and give feedback as you make the sample module. It might encourage more participation and discussion about standards than a dry Word document can

Great idea!

Re: Module SDK
  • 2005/4/7 11:58

  • banned

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Ok, this module could be the simpliest textarea where you can put some content..
A one-page module with some adminstration's things.


Re: Module SDK
  • 2005/4/7 12:19

  • rowdie

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It doesn't have to be a working module, just a collection of commented files.

Re: Module SDK
  • 2005/4/11 17:15

  • ddevore

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If the module is not a working one then there might be some problems in implementing it and making sure it works. Having some simple text in a block and possibly an example of submenus would help a lot with people new to module development.

At least if it were working they could make sure that the basics work and progress from there.


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