cookbook recipe maker

Dear xoopsers (attempt to be funny)

I am in need of a module that allows people to share recipes, based on ingredient selection. For example. I have a portato (click) a carrot (click) and bacon (click) database looks up and gives the surfer a menu with those ingredients, with a picture and option to rate and comment on the recipe...

Darn sounds like a lot, what do I have in return.. really nothing at all but our thanks... and a great website soon with all Japanese recipes..

Re: cookbook recipe maker
  • 2004/6/15 6:32

  • iconeb

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I ported long ago as XOOPS module phprecipebook (you can find it on sourceforge), but i didn't have time to complete the porting and to follow the development.
You can try this module on www.ricettarium.net (it's in italian): i would be happy if someone could keep alive the project and join the original standalone version to keep it up to date.

Re: cookbook recipe maker

great.. I will have a go with it.

I downloaded a free script based on sql loaded with tables and structures for a good recipe script thingy. (i am pc stupid)... How could I add that database info into XOOPS and make it work?

Sorry I am really new to this

Re: cookbook recipe maker
  • 2004/6/15 9:24

  • Herko

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To integrate a non-xoops script into XOOPS requires a little knowlegde about XOOPS, PHP programming, SQL and webservers/databases. Since I'm not a developer, I can't help you with that very much.

However, if you can install the script alongside your XOOPS, you could make a link to it from your XOOPS site, and thus have it *work* with XOOPS, without being integrated with it.

To add a link to the menu, I advise you to create a custom block in the system admin -> blocks page, set it right below the menu block (use weight for this), use block type HTML, and just paste the link to the script in there, and then make sure that everyone can see the block by going to system admin -> groups. That is the easiest way to add a link.

Hope this helps...


Re: cookbook recipe maker

Thanks for all the tips... I would really like to have the phprecipe working within xoops, 

thats the XOOPS module phprecipebook (you can find it on sourceforge),

bvut am like i said databse stupid... We want to contribute the japanese translation of the phprecipe thing but i got to get it to work first..is someone able to help me? perhaps tp login to my XOOPS thing and ftp thing and sort it out?

Re: cookbook recipe maker
  • 2004/6/28 6:13

  • sottwell

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I can help, as long as your code is not commented in Japanese! I have been modifying the PiCal module and the Japanese comments are really a problem, since it takes me forever to figure out what the code is doing, while a comment that I could read would make all clear instantly. I have been working on porting another recipe exchange script into a XOOPS module, but if this is already started it would be easier for me to just work with it. I'll go look for it on Sourcrforge and see what's there. I'm running XOOPS locally for development, so it's no problem for me to try things out.


Re: cookbook recipe maker
  • 2004/9/3 5:35

  • -Page

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This setup looks perfect, is anyone working on this?

Re: cookbook recipe maker
  • 2004/9/3 7:16

  • limecity

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dun think so..

i am also very interested in the module..

Re: cookbook recipe maker
  • 2004/9/3 12:45

  • iconeb

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I think the original standalone project stopped development.
I was waiting to see its evolution, but i think that right now phprecipebook has all the features to make it a stable XOOPS module.
The porting you can find on www.ricettarium.net is working but still not fully integrated (installation, admin): if someone wants to cleanup the code i would be happy to help him, but i don't have time to coordinate the project.

Re: cookbook recipe maker
  • 2004/9/15 1:24

  • Anonymous

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Hi, iconeb.

I'm interested in this module. Where can I d/l it from? I registered on your site, but couldn't find the link on Downloads section... ^^'



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