Code Writing Weapon of Choice?
  • 2004/1/5 7:56

  • Jakobo

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What does everyone use for their coding / html authoring? Personally I use Textpad (textpad.com) since it has pretty good syntax hilighting as far as plain text editors go. However, it sometimes doesn't quite color the PHP right. I also use Macromedia Dreamweaver for quick and dirty first-generation pages. On a Mac, I have never found something I am happy with, so I always fall back on Simpletext, or log into a unix box and go with vi.

What does everyone else use for their web site wheeling and dealing?

Re: Code Writing Weapon of Choice?
  • 2004/1/5 9:46

  • carnuke

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I use winsyntax and find it fine for my modest needs. heres some stuff from the siteQuote:
Arisesoft Winsyntax - is a free PHP-code editor with a fast syntax highlighting engine and the context PHP-help for professional scripting. Supporting of the line kinds for PC/UNIX and encoding between ANSI-UTF8-KOI8. Integrated File Manager. Multi-document interface. Multiple history of 'Undo-Redo' for the edited documents. Highlighting of syntax for several script languages in one document. Opportunities for customizing of highlighting and the addition of new languages. Now it supports syntax: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL'92 and extensions for MySQL and PostgreSQL, and Windows INI files. Moving the cursor with ignoring of the line carry - for all width of line. Selection of the text by columns-lines-symbols. Autoindent of the input line by start position of the previous line. History of last ten open documents. Alerts for external change of open documents. Context help for any PHP keyword, when clicked [F1] on cursor position. The code explorer for PHP-scripts - tree of the classes with variables and functions. The search and replacing of the text in external files with different encoding.
here's the SITE & DOWNLOAD

Another excellent editor is
NOTETAb A text editor with real html integration. See the site, its too much to explain here!

Regards, Richard

Re: Code Writing Weapon of Choice?
  • 2004/1/5 9:57

  • Bassman

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I'm no coder, but I have PHP Coder (another free editor) on my comp if i need to edit some code (hacks etc) and which seems to work fine. I have Dreamweaver 4 for general site design, and Top Style Pro 2.5 (got it free on a mag disc) as a CSS editor. I run PHPDev on my Win98 machine, which installs Apache+PHP4.23+MYSQL+PHPMyADMin etc. Great for testing XOOPS themes...... check the theme on your comp, edit the theme.html file with dreamweaver, change CSS styles with Top Style Pro, refresh and check again..... very cool!

Re: Code Writing Weapon of Choice?
  • 2004/1/5 10:47

  • svaha

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I've installed Xampp on a win2000 computer and made a test site here, where I can look at changes. I don't use any program like dreamweaver anymore, because they are too big/slow and far beyond my needs.
As an overall editor I use Ultraedit, very speedy and with highlighting for several languages.
I use 2xEplorer for my local file handling. It has two windows, so that's handy when copying etc.
For checking/changing my testsite I use MyIE that has tabbed windows. (Easy switching from looking at the site and changing in another tab)
I've now started to use phpedit, but don't know yet if this is a good choice.
For the style I use Topstyle lite

Re: Code Writing Weapon of Choice?

I use the PHP Coder which works quite well for HTML and PHP with function completion, too.

Re: Code Writing Weapon of Choice?
  • 2004/1/5 11:31

  • Catzwolf

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I use PHPEdit for more or less all my coding. Even thou it can be as buggy as hell at times.

Re: Code Writing Weapon of Choice?
  • 2004/1/5 12:04

  • YourHelp

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I use Microsoft Windows Notepad.

Re: Code Writing Weapon of Choice?
  • 2004/1/5 12:39

  • lykoszine

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Context at the moment.


Bit more info
DL link http://fixedsys.com/context/ConTEXTsetup.exe


apart from the usual,
user definable execution keys, depending on file type
capturing console applications standard output
compiler output parser for positioning on error line
powerful command line handler

not sure how useful these are for PHP, but good for working with Borland C++ command line compiler and Latex though

Re: Code Writing Weapon of Choice?
  • 2004/1/5 12:54

  • YourHelp

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Nice avatar lykoszine have to be honest it rather scares me you look so very much like ned kelly a famous Australian bush ranger rather pretty cool.

[OT] Re: Code Writing Weapon of Choice?
  • 2004/1/5 13:10

  • lykoszine

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Yeah, heard of Ned Kelly. Not seen the recent film though.

Took me AAAGES to add the hair and beard to my real photo.


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