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Just popping in
Posted on: 2003/11/20 2:27
hsalazar (Show more)
Just popping in
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This might be YOUR opportunity to help!

Dear fellow xoopsers:

As you probably have seen, in the past few months us members of the core team have worked quite a lot (mostly behind curtains) to create a solid framework for XOOPS to grow.

As the designated leader of Xoops' Documentation Team, I am now about to begin the formal operations of this team that for the moment has but one member (sigh).

I have discussed with other core members the issues around the documentations tasks, and I've also put in the table a documentation roadmap that, if followed, should be a strong addition to XOOPS formidable arsenal.

So, to but it bluntly, I am now asking for help. I've put a lot of time and effort into this, and I know I need to put a lot more, but I'm also keenly aware this is something that needs to be done in a team.

Do you want to participate in this effort? The following are the declared objectives of Xoops' Documentation Team:

• Setting standards for all official documentation, both for developers and for end users.
• Writing, with the help of all other teams, whatever documentation is needed to illustrate in depth the features that XOOPS offers to all.
• Managing the preparation and availability of language packs for the core and the modules.
• Managing user’s input and participation in the process of documenting Xoops.
• Creating and managing the templates for all official documentation.

So. Do you think you have skills useful for this purpose? Do you think you have something to contribute? Are you willing to spend long hours of unpaid work to help fellow xoopsers see the light?

If your answer is YES, please send me a PM or mail me (documentation@xoops.org) mentioning your relevant experience in the field or the attributes that qualify you to be in this team. I wouldn't want a huge, ponderous whale of a team, but rather a small, nimble, dedicated and hard-working team. This is your one chance to try to be in it.

I can only guarantee there'll be challenges and hard work, but also good spirits and a fellowship difficult to find in other places. So, what are you waiting?! Write me, please!



Module Developer
Posted on: 2003/11/20 9:50
lykoszine (Show more)
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Re: This might be YOUR opportunity to help!


You talk a good talk, if I were not far too busy all ready, AND aleady making modules, I would help after reading that! lol

Hope some others can actually do the deed