Get me started!
  • 2003/11/3 20:39

  • Mehdi74

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Hello Xoopsers!
After few weeks investigations I decided that I should go for Xoops, I like it so much (the community and all) that I decided I might join the devlopement effort.

Could anyone direct me to some proper documentation? I tried the Wiki yesterday... hummm, not very informative! Actually today it doesn't even work (the link to wiki) see bellow:
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By the way, I noticed that you are investigating a way to get XOOPS to be multilangual... well, I m new to XOOPS and php ... but... hummm, What do you think of this solution:

Declare a global variable $lang. and all the "key words" that are to be seen by the end user shouold be indexed by a global array that has $lang as an index.

If today we have the word english "news" or $news. We should rather use and array $news where:
$news[en]="news"; $news[fr]="nouvelles";
$news[dk]="nyheder"; ....etc

And in the code we use $news[$lang];

If the user sets $lang="en"; => English;
If the user sets $lang="fr"; => French;
If the user sets $lang="dk"; => Danish;

Ok, this implies some overhead and loss in efficiency But it is very clean and clear.

I hope you get the idea! (I'm new to php and XOOPS so it is ok if you all think it is STUPID .

Pleaseeeeeeeee, some real documentation.... So I can join in as soon as possible...

one more thing, has anyone started working on some e-learning module ??? maybe SCORM3 compliant

Re: Get me started!
  • 2003/11/3 20:40

  • Mehdi74

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Hope to hear from you soon

Re: Get me started!

actually the language IS incorporated (check the various language/english folders in module folders) - what people are talking about is making the CONTENTS language specific.

Documentation? What documentation? Who-ho-ho.... I don't play defense! (whoops, sorry, wrong movie)

Documentation is the one thing missing in XOOPS. But we are always very helpful if you can communicate your question more explicit than "My site won't work, why?"

Always nice to see another Dane around (assuming you are Danish... just a guess from your post )

Re: Get me started!
  • 2003/11/3 21:54

  • svaha

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Well on the multilingo thing you could follow this link :
There is also a discussion going on the future implementation of multilingo capabilities.

Documentation is content, maybe because this is a 'content management site' there is little content haha.
What you can do is just download XOOPS and maybe the language zipfiles (if you need them) unzip to a folder and you will find a readme file somewhere. Just dare to go where no one has gone before and upload the whole package and start playing.

Happy Xoopsing

Re: Get me started!
  • 2003/11/7 15:15

  • Pedja

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Although XOOPS is lightly documented it would be advisable to be able to download what is available. It is hard to check API docs online...


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