Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/12/24 0:25

  • Freetime

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Advanced (long-term ?)
1. Statistics & referals module
2. More documantation for ModuleDev. (in Wiki)

1. "New post" sign in threaded view if posts/comments/forum like in Phorum.org
2. on/off display option for message edit tools in forum

Private: (for me)

95% of Polish Lang Pack for XOOPS v2.0.x was done.. sooo... I need some time to finish this 5% (some translations in mail templates - most of it done...)

That's it... :) not much. :))))

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/12/24 3:24

  • tjnemez

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i would could really use a quiz module. presently my quiz content sends my visitors to another site. i really am considering removing my quiz content. please consider this. thank you

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/12/24 10:58

  • PureLuXus

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RicoCali wrote:
Could we also make the poll block show the results of the current poll on the block itself instead of going to a separate page to show the result. Also log it into the database that the user has already polled so that the next time he logs back into the site it doesn't ask the same question that he already answered. Instead he sees the graphical results on the block...Thank you

get the xoopspoll version from wellwine.net

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2004/1/14 17:46

  • einherjer

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Some things that i and some users miss on my guildsite:

- Hide private forums
- Permissions based on groups
There is already a hack for this by regen_r8: https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... 0&forum=20#forumpost29719 (was able to integrate it in also)

- Show new posts in privat forums (a 4. button with the key in orange)

- Mark all read button
- Mark all unread button

- Move single postings to other/new threads

- Attachments (in a secure way, only for registered users)

- If a user decides to delete his account the name should still appear at his posts. Otherwise in some older threads there an only posts by guests

- Ability to create polls for some usergroups (registered, friends, whatever) only.
- Better protection for that posts (Uid stored in DB for voting instead of using a cookie)

Support for multilanguage features in all modules. (https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... 4&forum=14#forumpost55224 - as a lot of XOOPS users use it there should maybe support for this in the core)

Would be great to see some of this in future versions. It is a pain to integrate all old hacks in every new update

Re: Use name() instead of uname()
  • 2004/1/20 21:19


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I've found the function getUnameFromId in kernel/user.php modified in XOOPS 2.0.6RC.
The second parameter indicates whither uname or name should be displayed.

Thanks Catz!

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2004/3/2 14:49

  • krayc

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If it doesn't yet exist and if it's even possible.. I'd like to see a clear recipe for creating objected oriented modules. In the sense that a module 'abc' handles all things related 'abc'. And then another module called 'def' the does all things related to 'def' objects. Then another module called 'catergories' that does nothing but categories, except that a user should be able to fill these categories with the objects handled by 'abc' and 'def'.

If I am correct that 3rd party modules could be as object-oriented as php allows, then am I correct in assuming that an given OO module could expose its objects and methods to another module? Or am I totally off base?


Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2004/3/2 16:34

  • kkauffma

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I'd like to a DRAFT function/folder (menu item) for the News module. I have had occassion where a user wants to work on a lengthy news article and come back later to work on it. There is no mechanism (that I have found) that allows for this. Only PREVIEW and POST. The ADMIN is the only one that can EDIT the original post.


Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2004/3/2 17:54

  • RicoCali

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Use notepad

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2004/3/2 18:14

  • Dave_L

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Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2004/3/6 16:57

  • zoullou

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The class textsanitizer will have to be to modify so that it replaces the character accentuated by their equivalent HTML

In english their aren't accent but in french yes


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