Re: QR Code Generator
  • 2013/6/9 20:04

  • chefry

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HA!!!! found it

There was another html file that did nothing but add the title

so i cut the title info from the theme html and pasted it into the other file

Works GREAT now!!!

Obviously that was my title problem all along

Thanks for finding that geekwright

It also fixed the favicon.ico problem

I'll let you know when I get all the bugs out of the new site and upload it, then you can register

Re: QR Code Generator

Glad you found it, never mind this post

This has to be the source of what I am seeing:

<{includeq file="$theme_name/xoscripts.html"}>

I suspect the xoscripts.html file looks something like this (or includes something that looks like this):
TITLE>Frank's Recipes!</TITLE> 
s HTML Beauty++ 2004"> 
<BODY>    </BODY> 

Either edit that file in your theme folder and delete everything shown above,

or just remove the includeq line from the theme.hmtl since there is no sign of anything else coming from that include in any of the the output I've looked at.

Also, there is a comment like this in the title section:
<!-- irmtfan for backward compatibility -->

Delete that, or it will show up in the title is some situations.

Those two changes should get you a proper title.

Re: QR Code Generator
  • 2013/6/9 22:25

  • chefry

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it's been a long time but if i remember correctly, the theme.html called for xoscripts.html and it wasn't included in the theme. so i created a blank one

So I put all the <title> script from theme.html into xoscripts.html and deleted it from theme.html

I played with the order a little and got it to display how i want it, and your qr module now works like a charm

Re: QR Code Generator
  • 2013/6/14 1:34

  • chefry

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ok, geekwright, you can register now.

All the bugs are gone from the user side (I hope)

Re: QR Code Generator
  • 2013/9/11 15:21

  • chco2

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Hmm.. Just shows how much I've checked :( but I didn't notice this thread until now.
Are there still any wishes for the QRCode module except the fact that some functions should not be hosted separately ?


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