Re: Simplified URLs Hack
  • 2005/6/5 16:24

  • PTlooker

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Problem solved...for the record (in case that other users have the same problem) dont be so hurry to read the instalation guide:

1) Modify your loadpages.php.
Set your start module's dir name at line 33.
If you don't set a start module, please set it blank like: $start_module = "";
Set the position of "loadpages.php" at line 38.

Thanks anyway!

Re: Simplified URLs Hack
  • 2005/6/12 21:41

  • mczolton

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I'm getting a 404 Page Not Found error after installing this hack on XOOPS 2.0.10. Is there something else I need to enable on the server side to get this working?


Re: Simplified URLs Hack
  • 2005/6/23 9:57

  • maddy

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Hello All,
I am new here, I Installed the Shorturl hack but its giving me some error i dont know why is it..my site url ishttp://www.nopefx.info..i have IE6.0...its works fine with mozilla.
and can anyone paste the link of the latest shorturl hack?

Re: Simplified URLs Hack
  • 2005/6/23 9:58

  • davidl2

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That url appears broken Maddy

Re: Simplified URLs Hack
  • 2005/6/24 12:27

  • PadreManson

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Hi to all, I'm tryng to use this hack, i've uploaded the three files and edited the mainfile but nothing happens. The site works but still with the old urls.
Any way to solve?

thx in advance

Re: Simplified URLs Hack
  • 2005/7/13 14:59

  • bmmolloy

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  • Since: 2004/4/21

Can you take this a bit further by replacing the "." with "-" instead?

For example, I have this URL with Simplified URLs:


But would be happier with:

http://www.worldtechusa.com/tinycontent1-index-id-1.htm (not a link)

Additionally, would there be any way to change the URL on a per page basis (For tinycontent)? Like:

http://www.worldtechusa.com/medical-transcription-service.htm (not a link)

instead of:


We're paying an SEO quite a bit of money to optimize our site, and they say having your keywords in the URLs will help immensely.

Any thoughts?

Re: Simplified URLs Hack
  • 2005/7/31 0:47

  • soconfused

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Hello ,
I have a few problems since installing, I running XOOPS 2.0.92:

With the cat ads module - the email link uses a javascript popup window which displays blank.

With the pbboard module the 'show more smilies link' also uses a javascript popup which won't display, and also some images on the pbboard aren't showing - the View user's profile
( /modules/pbboard/templates/ca_aphrodite/images/
lang_english/icon_profile.gif ) and www. icons. Other images are ok.

Are there any fixes?

Re: Simplified URLs Hack
  • 2005/7/31 10:53

  • soconfused

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Me again,

I've worked out that the images not displaying are in a sub folder of the pbboard template images. If I right click/properties on images that are showing ok the paths are: xoops/modules/pbboard/templates/ca_aphrodite/images/folder.gif

the paths to images not showing are: xoops/templates/ca_aphrodite/images/lang_english/icon_pm.gif

So to make it work I created a new folder in the root directory templates/ca_aphrodite and uploaded the images to that - it works but it doesn't seem like the right way to do it.

Re: Simplified URLs Hack
  • 2005/8/31 7:22

  • macmend

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I have installed this hack at www.jonathanspencer.net, however I have 2 problems

1. Google used up all my bandwidth next time it spideredt he site, (I have tried removing anything that might create a loop... adding mygallery and liens modules to the disallow on the robot.text)...but then inktomi did it as well.

2. My site is now incredibly slow to load a page

is the slowness down to mainfile.php can someone display the code as it ought to be in mainfile.php with the additional code for simplified urls
Free Mac Support

Ordinary Wisdom

apache server with php sshexec turned on
xoops version & 2.3.1
php version 5.2.5
mysql version 5.0.45

Re: Simplified URLs Hack
  • 2005/12/15 21:07

  • simon132

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I have just installed the module on two of my sites and it works a treat with one exception. For some reason it doesn't rewrite when the 'content' module is set as home page.

Any advice?


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