Re: If we were to start a 2.6 Branch what would you like to see.
  • 2012/4/16 10:26

  • Mamba

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So why not make the core development team responsible for one versatile content module? Current anarchy with half baken content modules is no good for xoops.

We definitely need one main Content system, very easy to use and user friendly, and as I've mentioned earlier, the plan was to use fmContent for it, but now we might look into something different.

The key will be to have a strong Module Team, that will take care of developing and maintaining modules, and sharing best practices them.

We need more people to help us with the Basic Module Pack, so we can move to other modules.

Anybody interested?
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Re: If we were to start a 2.6 Branch what would you like to see.
  • 2012/4/16 13:58

  • mariane

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dear Mamba,
Tatane and me, have some suggestions for the 2.6 :

Regarding themes and templates :
- create a nice theme based on html5 and css3, easy to customize
- use div instead tables
- delete : outer, odd, etc and actualize more the template system

Regarding the core :

- create a comment system like WP: it means add the comment box immediately after the article
- add the ability to show the module anywhere in the website : We have block anywhere, but if the module doesnt have a block : like contact, it's impossible to customize the show in the theme, foe example how can we place it in the footer? unfortunatelly WP and Joomla added this function longtime ago

Regarding the modules :
it's necessary to have the following features for each module :
- Social icons
- rewrite mode
- extended search
- nice look
- jquery effects (without any conflits with other codes)
- extra fields
- ability to clone it online

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Re: If we were to start a 2.6 Branch what would you like to see.
  • 2012/4/16 14:16

  • tatane

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and below a list of some modules we need in XOOPS :
- photo album
- video
- blog
- news
- content
- ecommerce
- partners

Re: If we were to start a 2.6 Branch what would you like to see.
  • 2012/4/16 20:19

  • Mamba

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We already have modules that address at least partially the needs:

- photo album --> extGallery
- video --> MyTube and FlowPlayer
- blog --> News
- news --> News
- content --> News, Content
- ecommerce --> Oledrion
- partners --> XoopsPartners, SmartPartner

If some of them are not fulfilling the needs, then let's specify the required minimum features.

Also, the key to make all of this happen, is to have enough developers and contributors. So I would like to encourage everybody to ask themselves a question:

What can I do for XOOPS?
What could I contribute to XOOPS?

We cannot expect that few people will do everything:

- develop Core
- develop Modules
- develop themes
- develop documentation
- provide support
- translate into local languages

By putting too much pressure on them by expecting too much, it will only cause their "burnout" and quitting XOOPS

We need to create more teamwork and more community spirit by getting more people actively contributing to XOOPS.

Let's make XOOPS 2.6.0 a true "Community Project"!
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Re: If we were to start a 2.6 Branch what would you like to see.
  • 2012/4/16 22:12

  • kris_fr

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I do not see the trunk in 2.6 move much, can you tell us what are the members who are currently in the core team

Re: If we were to start a 2.6 Branch what would you like to see.

Protector must be build-in in the core, not as separate module.
Photo album - bitcero, web photo (happy linux)
Content - bitcero or build-in CCK like drupal, or powerful enough like http://www.seblod.com for Joomla!
Forum - SMF bridge to be improved or xhnewbb or bitcero
Video - MyTube, yeah there is nothing better so far then this module
News - Herve's news
Partners - SmartPartners
Links - Web Links (happy linux)
downloads - redhead, bitcero
commerce - opencart integration
blog - blogger software ingtegration
Poll - Umfarge or better
(only my opinion)

that's everything required to start playing with xoops (current 2.5.5 with pm and profile only - shows nothing)
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Re: If we were to start a 2.6 Branch what would you like to see.
  • 2012/4/16 22:36

  • petitours

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I'm not competent to help in the development of XOOPS but I congratulate developers with a lot of thanks !

I help as I can : I make the pub...a lot of pub with my friends colleagues !

Thank you Mamba, Kris (I'm french too...) and more...
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Re: If we were to start a 2.6 Branch what would you like to see.
  • 2012/4/17 18:25

  • Anonymous

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I don't know if this must be implemented in the core or a module will do... But I really like the social login plugins WP has. They are used to login and leave comments with facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social accounts. Commenters don't have to go through the hassle of registering but just identify themselves with a social account. Maybe this could be enough to register for forumposting too. Also nice is the fact social media profile pictures are automatically used as an avatar.

To give an example: the social login plugin I installed on my sisters blog last week

Re: If we were to start a 2.6 Branch what would you like to see.

flipse, there is a facebook connect module available right now that as of 2.4.5 worked well but was far from a finished product.

If someone wanted to take that and finish it that would be a good project.

When I get a little further along in my projects I will be looking to redesign the profile module and when I do that I will be looking at various aspects of the authorization system and such to look at adding support for other logins and make them as smooth as a normal login. The above mentioned module allows the user to log in but does not tie their login to a user account. It seemed to create a temporary account and if you saw them listed in your online user list they showed up as a simple number.

However at the rate I am going I will not be addressing this for a year.

I have a goal of building a social network different than anything available and using xoops as the core so I am looking to build on what is here to head towards that goal so I will be redoing some modules on my own that I am interested in using towards this goal.

A total revamp of profile is on this list for once I have some other things out of the way.
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Re: If we were to start a 2.6 Branch what would you like to see.
  • 2012/4/17 19:59

  • Anonymous

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Rodney, people who login using this plugin are added as real users and popup in the userbase. Only disadvantage is wp does not recognize them as the same user. When they login using another social media app a new user is made. I guess there is nothing you can do about that, but for most blog or news sites using such a feature this won't be an issue.


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