Re: Some pointers on how to build a theme
  • 2003/10/3 21:57

  • Beduc

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I'm working on a theme downloaded called mambotaste..
U can find it on www.beduc.net

I'm trying to make it really look the same as http://leerling.beduc.net

but in the center i try to achieve the users can see where they are.

I just can't figure out how that works ....
like start > forum
start > home

how did u do that on http://www.puntoflotante.com/ ?

i'm working on this for hours now bit just don't seem to find it.

Re: Some pointers on how to build a theme
  • 2003/10/4 5:02

  • hsalazar

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If you take a look at the top left corner of this page, you'll see, in the browser banner, a legend stating "XOOPS Official Site - Forum - Microsoft Internet Explorer" or something like this. The first part is the site name, the second is the present module name.

Where is this code in the template (theme.html)? Right where the TITLE tag is. It says:

<title><{$xoops_sitename}> - <{$xoops_pagetitle}></title>

So, there you have the variables you need, already defined. What you need to do is to enclose the first one in a link to your home. This is the way it's solved in Punto flotante:

<td id="breadcrumb" colspan="2">
table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
td width="10">
div class="breadText">
a href="<{$xoops_url}>"><{$xoops_sitename}></a> > <{$xoops_pagetitle}>
td width="5">

You can use other styles, DIVs instead of tables or whatever HTML solution you want, but you need to define the path as:

<a href="<{$xoops_url}>"><{$xoops_sitename}></a> > <{$xoops_pagetitle}>

Perhaps you want to go further than just the home and the module name... What about the article name if you're in the news module? To do this you have to edit the file modules/news/article.php. Before the final two includes in the file (around line 116), add the following:

$xoopsTpl->assign('xoops_pagetitle', htmlentities($xoopsModule->name() . ' > ' . $article->title()));

This line will assign to the Smarty variable $xoops_pagetitle (remember it?) a long string that includes the module name, the character '>' and the name of the article. This is the way it's solved in Punto flotante.

Want to go even further? What about including the link in the module name? In this case, what you need to add to article.php es 2 lines instead of one. Add:

$linktomodule = "<a href=\"<{$xoops_url}>/modules/news/index.php\">".htmlentities($xoopsModule->name()."</a>";
$xoopsTpl->assign('xoops_pagetitle', $linktomodule . ' > ' . $article->title()));

This will assign to variable $linktomodule the link to the start page of news and then create a long string that includes this link and the article name, and assign that long variable to the same Smarty variable as above.

Hope this helps.


Re:Some pointers on how to build a theme
  • 2004/10/6 16:39

  • crackerboy

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argh! wrap that code on page 1! this is impossible to read.

Re:Some pointers on how to build a theme
  • 2004/11/17 23:12

  • yy014

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I downloaded a theme and start playing around with it. I edit some pic with Photoshop and make the top banner bigger compare with the original one. replace the pic files and upload it, and change the theme.html file (W and H of the banner) as well.

the problem is i see the new pic appear, but screwed and not in the right size, i tried to refresh the page and no change. i download the theme.html file and double check everything had been change, but seems like when browsing it, it's still using the old file....is there any other thing i need to change? can anyone give me some pointer on that?

thanks a lot

Re:Some pointers on how to build a theme
  • 2005/1/6 11:41

  • microxp

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i ll translate it into chinese

Re:Some pointers on how to build a theme
  • 2005/4/1 15:57

  • sudhaker

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http://www.puntoflotante.com/ is not a XOOPS site like my http://zipftp.com

Re:Some pointers on how to build a theme
  • 2005/5/14 16:46

  • aclysma

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Just a couple things I am doing making my theme/template set that might be helpful to others.

1. I made a few static pages with dummy content. Look up "lorem ipsum" in google if you need some dummy content for paragraphs :) If you use static pages for a day and just get it looking like you want it, it is trivial to copy and paste the XOOPS templating code in later. Just do it in very small chunks, and keep a backup of your original layout.

2. If someone were to make a strictly css template set (no tables whatsoever) any visual change imaginable could be done without editing templates. I'm working on a no-tables theme now. I could make it available if I keep my interest up long enough. I didn't even search around though - there may be a css only theme running about somewhere. If you want to see an example of what kind of changes can be done without any html editing, check out http://www.csszengarden.com/

I'm by no means an expert at xoops. But these are good principles to follow regardless of what system you are using.

Re: Some pointers on how to build a theme
  • 2008/7/23 7:09

  • bobmartin

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Thank you for posting this tutorial on explaining what to do to get the permissions fixed so I could edit my new theme. I was going crazy until I found it and spent most day trying to figure out what permissions world press needed so I could use the built in editor.

bob martin

Link Building

Re: Some pointers on how to build a theme
  • 2008/8/29 7:39

  • sam1900

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Can anyone provide me some links to php tutorials? Thanks in Advance.


Re: Some pointers on how to build a theme

I found this article very helpful not only with my own, but also for you anymore.


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