Re: Apologies to the XOOPS Community
  • 2013/6/10 13:56

  • xoobaru

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Sounds more like a mortuary.


redheadedrod wrote:

xoobaru wrote:
How about teaming up with someone who is gifted in the testing and quality department and you can focus on concept, innovation and getting the module into the rough, and helping fixing bugs based on feedback (and finish it before you move on to the next one).

This actually sounds like a great idea...

Have someone release your modules for you and handle all of the bug reporting and release status. That might actually work...

But need to have someone willing to do this and someone that you are willing to work with. You call chronoslabs a co-op and that generally means having more than one person involved. Sounds like a great idea to me Simon if you can find someone that will do this for you.

Re: Apologies to the XOOPS Community
  • 2013/6/10 16:22

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Normally Rodney does write a lot without coming to a point, but in this case he has one ( a point...), together with xoobaru.

Sharing your ideas and early module setups with a little in-crowd before launching them could help you to prevent angry reactions. I am not a coder as you know, but you always can ask me to test modules and report bugs.

Re: Apologies to the XOOPS Community
  • 2013/7/1 12:54

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Hey there mate ..

If you want to have a talk with someone on the other side of the planet we call earth, then you know where to find me. I'm not always online on Skype, as I have a shitty disease as well, plus the fact that I'm going into surgery tomorrow as they're going to remove my gail blatter and do some crazy stuff with my kidney's (it's either this, or be dead in 10 years) ..

About the Tardive dyskinesia, my mother has had it for the past 12-13 years, so I know exáctly what you're going through. You'll get through, my friend.. you'll get through.

I am not a religious person, but my prairs are with you in these crazy and aweful dark years on earth.

Youri a.k.a. The Jax

Re: Apologies to the XOOPS Community

I think people think I do this for profit, see I registered Chronolabs as a Cooperative cause it means it members, the end users of the software and the internet have a small piece of ownership in the business. See have a look :: http://abr.business.gov.au/SearchByAbn.aspx?abn=41460248629

A Cooperative is a 'group' of people that offer a service to the community, bit different than a Not For Profit like the Xoops foundation, but it isn't a private or public company it is a cooperative.

You know I am currently looking for a managing director and secretary but to be on the business you have to have an Australian Tax File number which you can get on a working holiday to Australia, they assign one to all coming into the country on business.

Chronolabs itself was part of establishing this version of IPv4 it is a name i have worked under since the age of 12 - which with this internet originally was going to be a cellular system that is a number you goto like a mobile or landline phone, where that part became the ports and the NetBIOS which was my suggestion to use in comp.protocol stopped the telcos of the day have a monopoly on the internet and made it such an 'anachronistic' environment. Means I have an incredible amount of intrinsic wealth, in fact a buy in on every domain like more than undecillions of dollars on ever registered IP to domain; part of the reason I chose XOOPS was the protector condom, but also it was the one i could cause throwback in the charge-back and payback of money flow and intrinsic value of the community we have here.

I just love in someone the freedom; this version my childhood aspirations produced from 1994 on comp.protocol; but I guess I am the only one that appreciates the telecoms etc not control the internet; but it being an open and free commodity. See you belittle me and you only place yourself in incrediable amounts of debt intrinsic be worth a negative pile. Some of the people like 'rodneyredhead' seems to think i don't adopt standard but remember I have been coding XOOPS for 8 years and started back on version 2.0; which is the older standards in my code.. IT would be nice when someone see a business unlike most of the web design businesses here on the XOOPS wells is a community service not a business for profit.

I live on 37.50 AUD a day from my government centerlink.gov.au payment. I have to pay what has accumulated to 16k worth of debt and also pay for hosting for things like xortify.com and labs.coop (mind you .coop domains are 200 AUD a year) I only eat 1 meal a day due to not being able to afford to eat anymore than that.

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