Re: Fixed CSS Wireframe Theme

Thanks Snow. I will definitely take a look at your theme.

As for the javascript in my initial post, I agree, I try to not ever use javascript for the reason you mentioned, but fluid layouts will always break in IE if you reduce the browser portal too much and that drives me nuts. If IE supported the min-width CSS tag, everything would be fine. So I was reduced to forcing a min-width with javascript. There is a site that claims to get the same results but without javascript here:

And a similar method here:

But I couldn't get those to work. Even if users have javascript turned off though, the worst result is their page will squish if they resize the browser too small - which happens in all other CSS based fluid designs I have seen.

As for the javascript error, I am not getting that in IE 6, 5.5 or 5.01. What version are you using? Do you have any more info about that error? Line 34 reads:


Thanks guys!

Snow77's fluid CSS theme with fixes


I have been testing out your theme and it is excellent! I have found a few things that was keeping the HTML from validating though. This tag was in there twice, and being an "id" isn't allowed:

<div id="content">

So I changed it to:

<div class="content">

And the container and footer divs weren't closed, so I fixed that. Additionally I added a min-width:620px style on the container so Mozilla won't squish at smaller portal sizes. And also, I changed the way you were importing the stylesheet so that older browsers won't import the CSS, since older browsers don't support CSS well anyway and were displaying a bit weird.

Make sure that is okay and I'm not overlooking anything obvious there.

And now 100% HTML and CSS compliance!

Two further additions I made was replace the static header line under the title with the XOOPS slogan tag and added a replacement template for the Content module, so that it would validate as well.

Just curious, what's the advantage of including the blocks as seperate theme files, rather than including them in the main theme file? I see many people do that, but don't know why.

Here is Snow's CSS theme with the above mentioned fixes and additions as a zip file:


Snow, I hope you don't mind me reposting your theme - let me know if that's a problem and I'll edit this post.

So, should I also throw in the javascript that sets a min-width in there for IE? It doesn't hurt anything if IE users have javascript turned off - it will just function as it does now - the center blocks squish a little in smaller browser windows, but nothing too bad.

Re: Snow77's fluid CSS theme with fixes
  • 2006/8/15 17:56

  • snow77

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thanks technigrafa for the comments, the work and fixes you did to the CSS100 structure (no problem with you reposting it). I looked at everything and it looks ok to me. I updated the download (at free themes in xoopsdesign.com) and set it up with your fixes and mentioned the things you did in the download history, if I am missing something please let me know.

I invite others to join this working group, of the things technigrafa and I have been doing, and contribute with css div based templates of the modules or any other files you might consider useful to add to this wire frame theme.

I'm not so sure about adding the JS, I kind of try avoiding javascript code unless it's completely necessary.

Thanks also to the comments of daigoro and alan-a.

it doesn't end here, more work is still to be done...

Re: Holy Grail CSS Wireframe Theme
  • 2006/8/15 18:00

  • davidl2

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Excellent work all concerned

Re: Fixed CSS Wireframe Theme

Okay, the fixed "Skidoo Too" theme I posted earlier now supports not having any blocks in the right or left columns. The layout will adjust accordingly, including the center blocks.

Update: "Fixed Width" Skidoo Too Theme
Added a print.css stylesheet that will drop the left and right columns, remove borders and background colors and fit content to a page if printed. Also, I added a replacement system notification block template and styles so the notifications block will not be visible unless a user toggles it on using the "Notifications" link. Cool eh? Also, I edited the top horizontal menu so that it is dynamically generates tabs based on any sublinks there are for the current module and also doubles as a User Menu.

So that means that the theme that Snow posted will work for theme designers wanting to develop a theme that is "fluid" or spans the whole window and if you want a fixed design and a design that sports columns that span vertically the whole page, you can use the "Fixed Skidoo Too" theme I posted earlier.

Both pass W3C HTML compliance.

Now people just need to test em out!

I should reiterate though that these are XOOPS 2.0.14 themes that take advantage of the new 2.0.14 features and will probably not work very well with earlier versions of XOOPS.

***Wee, my 100th post!

Easier Editing of Blocks

Okay, I had another idea, but need some help in implementing it. One of the biggest issues with our clients, is they get confused real quick when trying to find a particular block to edit in the admin section.

So I was thinking, why not have a link to edit the block right under each block for admins? It should be easy to do, but I am having one snag. How do you return a block's ID from the theme? This is the code I am trying, but this isn't returning the ID:

<{if $xoops_isadmin}>
div class="edit">
a href="<{$xoops_url}>/modules/system/admin.php?fct=blocksadmin&op=edit&bid=<{$block.id}>">Edit this block</a>

Can anyone assist me with this?

Re: Easier Editing of Blocks
  • 2006/8/16 15:34

  • McNaz

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I have no means to test this now but have you tried bid=<{$block.bid}> in your link?

Excellent idea btw.


Re: Easier Editing of Blocks
  • 2006/8/16 17:57

  • irmtfan

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realy amazing i grab the idea:

<{if $xoops_isadmin}>
div class="edit">
a href="<{$xoops_url}>/modules/system/admin.php?fct=blocksadmin&op=edit&id=<{$block.id}>">_AM_EDITBLOCK</a>

it works in 2.2.4

but the problem is $xoops_isadmin is not realy a webmaster but any MODULE admin can access to the link ( but not to the page)

also this is very good if someone add this to <{$block.content}> smarty variable.

Re: Easier Editing of Blocks

Thanks guys, I tried "bid" as well with no luck. It's unfortunate that 2.0.14 doesn't return the block ID for the blocks loop. It looks like we'll have to hack a file to get this to work. Anyone know how to get this kind of thing added to the next XOOPS update plan, once we get it figured out?

Re: Holy Grail CSS Wireframe Theme
  • 2006/8/16 19:28

  • Bender

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You could post here to find out if there is not already a way to get the id.

If you get confirmation that its not and you create a way later to make this feature you could add it to the patches tracker.
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