Re: Whats the best article module?!
  • 2005/6/14 22:43

  • Watdehek

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I prefer WFChannel and TinyContent, great modules.

Re: Whats the best article module?!
  • 2005/6/15 2:42

  • barbary

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WF Channel is 99% of what I need, as the HTML comes through... BUT the links it creates to all the documents on the "index" page do not have a <BR> tag, so they are all bunched together... any idea how to alter the template for this????

That would be a miracle for me!

Re: Whats the best article module?!
  • 2005/6/15 4:49

  • Cheeze

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I like AMS best. It's the most comprehensive article module in my opinion.

Re: Whats the best article module?!
  • 2005/6/15 5:39

  • Watdehek

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I think you will have to make a hack in the code for this.

The Smarty variable used is {$pagenav}, if you search in the module code for this string I think you can edit it somewhere.

But I'm no expert on this, maybe someone else can verify.

Re: Whats the best article module?!
  • 2005/6/15 8:29

  • davidl2

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John_N wrote:
this is not a WF-Section or AMS issue. The problem is due to the way that $myts deals with HTML. I am trying to find a work around on this and hopefully try and get HTMl rendered a little better.

Many thanks John. This will be great!

Re: Whats the best article module?!
  • 2005/6/15 9:13

  • wizanda

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I have just added an articles section to my site

I tried wf-sections, full of errors and to heavy

Ams didn't have articles named easily, still like the news.
Didn't try it though, just from demos looked that way.

So i have just used the new articles by support.sirium.net

It works fine, has articles named at the top of the page.

Simple enough to use, and not that many features, so that you have to spend a day, learning how to use it.

Re: What's the best article module?!
  • 2005/6/15 10:01

  • McNaz

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ET.. it does the same thing.. just destroys any HTML I put into it...

As was mentioned before, this is an issue with the XOOPS Textsanitizer. I don't know if the word "issue" is the right way of explaining it, as the way it works does have its benefits.

What the text sanitizer does is take text with line breaks and turns those into [br] tags.

I've very successfully fed many html pages into wf-sections (see www.mods-x.com and www.bloodfin.org). The trick is clearing out the html file before feeding it into wf-section (or XOOPS in general). This is done by removing all line breaks from the html file. I do this by opening up my html file in ultraedit and stripping out all ASCII #13#10 characters (these are the characters for a linebreak on Windows based file and system).



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