wfsection problem!

hello i`ve instaled all on my site and seemed to be fine!
till i updated wfsection and he change the name of wfsection from wfsection in discoteci!
i don`t have acces to this site i`m just webmaster!
i updated the module wfsection and he renamed the module to discoteci and is not working anymore!
and normaly the location is same but not discoteci is wfsection and is working
how can i rename to work again or what should i do?
the boss is far away i cannot contact him to corect the problem!
any can help?how can i rename it from discoteci in wfsection again that module without ftp access?!

Re: wfsection problem!

so there is no other solution to fix that problem?

Re: wfsection problem!
  • 2004/7/23 2:58

  • Catzwolf

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catalin12345 wrote:
so there is no other solution to fix that problem?

did he not just change the name via XOOPS Admin?

Re: wfsection problem!

the name changed when i updated the module wfsection from system admin!
i updated all the modules but at wfsection he changed the name when i updated to discoteci!
at Administrare module
i have all the modules without wfsection!
and down i have some modules to install:
if i push to install discoteci it gives me this mesaje:
Module File for Discoteci Not Found!Module File for Not Found!
if i push install will install a module that doesnt not exist!
if i change this to:
it doesn`t shows me module not exist!

Apasa butonul de mai jos pentru instalarea modulului"
and is telling me that and if i right click discoteci it shows me:http://www.rodisco.com/iasi/modules/Discoteci/images/wfs_slogo.gif
instead of:http://www.rodisco.com/iasi/modules/wfsection/images/wfs_slogo.gif
if i push install it tells me that:
Installing Discoteci

Table 'xoops_wfs_article' already exists

Nu se poate instala wfsection. Erori:
wfesction cannot be insall.erors:
and is not telling me what errors!
p.s:any solution guys?pls help me!

how can i add here a picture or give am email and i will send an pic of the admin module maybe some one will help me more clearlyyyyyyyy

Re: wfsection problem!

what can i do or what should i do to resolve this problem?

Re: wfsection problem!
  • 2004/7/31 20:36

  • davidl2

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I am still trying to understand what has been done.....

Has the:

a) directory been renamed to discoteci ?

b) name of wf-section been renamed to discoteci?

c) name of the module replaced in the code itself to discoteci?

d) something completely different?

Re: wfsection problem!

Normaly is the module Wf-section!
In system admin Wf-section was named Disco-club-dj!
look pls in this page cache page from google.com
so in system admin Wf-section was called Disco-club-dj!
in system admin you have update and info!
i updated the module!
when i push update the wfsection dissapered from installed modules in system admin!
he appared in system admin at modules that are not instaled with the nameiscoteci
if i push to install now Discoteci(Wf-section) is telling me that:Module File for Discoteci Not Found!Module File for Not Found
if i change to:http://www.rodisco.com/iasi/modules/system/admin.php?fct=modulesadmin&op=install&module=wfsection
to install normaly the wfsection module is accessing the module and there were appear the image of the module doesn`t appear the image and tha name insteead of Disco-club-dj is named Discoteci !
when i push intall is saying:
Installing Discoteci

Table 'xoops_wfs_article' already exists

Nu se poate instala wfsection. Erori:
normaly is saying he cannot install wf section because he is allready instaled!
what should i do ???????:>normaly what happened?:>


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