You must READ this.
  • 2004/5/22 23:32

  • dengage

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Welcome to SmartPortal.

Well. Sorry, guys, but I will close it in a few days. Why?

1. Did you see mambo sections and its articles?
2. And its dowloads?

Well, mydownloads 2.1 is a good module, but beta...
And wfsections - MEN. I will have a lot of categories! And all of them I will put in 1 box? It's silly. I think.

But, I like XOOPS very much. Well, actually, there will be a webring on the 1 of june.


These are different cmses. So, stay in touch...

And, of course, People. There are a lot of developers of xoops. But it is a CONTENTms. Don't forget about it. Mambo goes very fast. But xoops... Say NO to content.

Sorry, men.

Re: You must READ this.
  • 2004/5/22 23:43

  • tl

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Yes, everyone here knows Mambo. And if you have not heard, you might want to give Xaraya a try.

Every system has its strengths and weaknesses, it is up to the user to select the one best suited his needs.

Good luck to you.

Re: You must READ this.
  • 2004/5/23 0:02

  • jmass

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I understand the frustration of content (static webpages) in xoops. However, it's quality code, great support community, and solid development platform makes it my first choice. I am even today looking for a better way to handle static content, but will not give up XOOPS for that one aspect. I am sure that it will come along soon. (I will build it if nothing else)


Re: You must READ this.
  • 2004/5/23 1:12

  • danMAN

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It looks cool, pity we can't all read russian :)
Mambo looks good, and it could be an ok cms, but I for one found it hard to install, it has bugs, and a 'hungry' community (everyone wants money for everything). I actually uninstalled one version of Mambo just recently from one of my test sites and have just installed XOOPS on it. Mambo and others such as Geeklog and Xaraya, look ok and do a good job if you're geeky and know your way around the code and the install dance and song, and can fix the bugs that they come with. Also e107 looks promising, but like xaraya is still full of bugs and comparing to XOOPS quite unstable. I consider myself a newbie, and so I appreciate the stableness of XOOPS and the ease with which I can install it and modify the themes etc, and so I will stick with it for most of my sites. But good luck with mambo, dengage, and what can one say besides "dasfidania" and best of luck with it.

Re: You must READ this.
  • 2004/5/23 1:22

  • jmass

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Get Tiny Content Duplicatable! It is awesome!

Completely ends my search for a CMS mod.


Re: You must READ this.
  • 2004/5/23 1:37

  • Neobless

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I really do not think you know how to use wfsection correctly. 400+ stories in one section? I am testing out the new version of wfsection and its amazing what this module can do. it does everything that every other content module does in one.


wfsections is replacing the sections module as a core module.

Re: You must READ this.
  • 2004/5/23 6:53

  • hyapadi

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Is it mambo? Cool! what do u used in order to change XOOPS to mambo-like website? Great job? And where did u get the themes?


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