Multiple "tiny content"
  • 2004/3/15 3:38

  • javelin

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Tiny Content worked great.
Got a main menu item that then leads off to five sub menus.

Trouble is I want to be able to do this again, in fact I could do with being able to do this three or maybe four times.
If I could run Multiple "tiny content" modules it would solve the problem but seemingly it can't be done, can it?

So has anyone got the patience to explain to yet another newbie how to do it?

Re: Multiple "tiny content"
  • 2004/3/15 3:41

  • brash

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This hack might be of interest to you.

Re: Multiple "tiny content"
  • 2004/3/15 4:23

  • javelin

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  • Since: 2004/3/11

Thanks for the tip,
However just tried it and followed the instructions on updating the files with the hacked ones and then uploaded an origonal and it says it can't install it as its already installed.

Any ideas? this would realy make life living if it works!

Re: Multiple "tiny content"
  • 2004/3/16 11:25

  • javelin

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Tried the hack on a fresh install but stil no joy.

Has anyone out there managed to get it to work?

Re: Multiple "tiny content"
  • 2004/3/16 11:55

  • Shine

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Somewhile ago I've cloned this module. You can grab it at the Dutch XOOPS Support.
Look for: Tinycontent 1.5 Kloon. The cloned version is called 'paging' and all works fine. Perhaps after looking at the source of these cloned files, you'll see which parts need to be renamed to clone this module again and again....according to your needs.

Although the mods works seperate, the logo within the admin of this cloned version is the same as the original T. content mod. (hadn't the time to change this yet)

Grtz., Shine

Re: Multiple "tiny content"
  • 2004/3/16 19:29

  • javelin

  • Not too shy to talk

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  • Since: 2004/3/11

It works, life is worth living again!

Would a simple find and replace on the word "Paging" work I wonder for cloning?

or is it nat quite as simple as that.

Many thanks anyway,
Happy bunny now

Re: Multiple "tiny content"
  • 2004/3/16 23:31

  • Sm0ka

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If you wish not to do the "hacking" yourself, you can download this clone a XOOPS Brasil member as done.

It is also a tinycontent clone named dolly.

Have phun


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