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Posted on: 2004/2/29 19:15
El_Jordo (Show more)
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Mail users: Where do the bounces go?

I recently sent out a mailing to all my users with a regular e-mail program rather than the Mail Users option (because of this), and I received quite a few bounces from invalid/expired e-mail address.

This brings up a couple questions for me. What happens to the bounced e-mails when I send out messages via the Mail Users page? The outgoing message has the same From address, so it should bounce back to that address, correct? Or does the php_mail() method have some anti-bounce feature?

I would actually prefer to receive bounces. That way I can keep track of users with invalid addresses. Is there a way I can do this?



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Posted on: 2004/2/29 19:26
Jan304 (Show more)
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Re: Mail users: Where do the bounces go?

Well, you could actually test it out :)

But as far as I know you just reveice the bounces if you have set a correct from e-mail address, since I reveice the bounces if invalid registration e-mail adresses. Hope this helps you.