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As a new XOOPS user I'm trying to Understand where XOOPS is and where it's going and most importantly how quickly...

This question is more about the forums though. I understand the version of phpbb used in XOOPS is quite old and there have been several new versions and significant changes in phpbb since the 'integration'. Does this mean the forums in XOOPS are not a module? Does this mean they cannot be replaced or other forums?

I saw in another thread that someone had ported the latest phpbb to XOOPS as a module: http://www.bbpixel.com/

Basically I'm trying to find out:

1. Are sticking with XOOPS built-in forums the best way to go for speed, efficiency and features?

2. Is this a disadvantage of XOOPS over other CMS'

3. Am I better off looking at other forum modules or is the XOOPS forum system cutting edge?

I suppose I dont like to think I'm missing out on something better..


Re: Forums... phpbb newbb etc etc

1. Efficiency... perhaps, speed... not sure, features... well the forums have been part of the core modules and uses many features available in XOOPS

2. Dunno about the forums of other CMS'

3. No and no
Lemme explain: Other forum modules may have more features right now, but demand changes to the core and the current newBB is undergoing development - no ETA, though - to bring it up to a decent level. Cause at the moment the newBB is NOT cutting edge.

If your site is very much revolving around a forum, you might consider it - but if it is "just there", stick with newBB and participate in the module development roadmap discussion and hope/advocate for the features, you want.

Re: Forums... phpbb newbb etc etc
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The Roadmap Discussion is for having an overview what is needed and perhaps could be made.

The newBB is at the moment in overwork for adding new feature and to have more comport in the Admin CP of the newBB, like not only reorder the categories.

The reorder function will be expand to reorder also forums.

Prune function.

The Categories will have an Grouppermission feature so in the future you can give access to an Category by Groups.

Having Categorie Decription, Sponsor Image and Sponsorlink feature.



This is just a small part of the current development.


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