2.0.3 -> 2.0.5 upgrade problems
  • 2003/10/29 15:16

  • AndyB

  • Just popping in

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  • Since: 2003/2/19

I've just tried to upgrade my production site to 2.0.5. Everything went OK on the test site, so I thought it would be as easy. But it wasn't. After applying the 2.0.3 -> 2.0.4 patch I was unable to get to the admin section (full symptoms described below). So I applied the 2.0.4 -> 2.0.5 patch. The result was a complete crash - site was inaccessible with following error message:

WarningFailed opening '/mnt/drugi/serwisy/wlan/htdocs/class/errorhandler.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/php/includes:/usr/share/php'in /mnt/drugi/serwisy/wlan/htdocs/include/common.php on line 32

Fatal error
Undefined class name 'xoopserrorhandler' in /mnt/drugi/serwisy/wlan/htdocs/include/common.php on line 33

As fas as I could I downloaded the 2.0.5a.tar.gz package and overwrote all the files except the mainfile.php with the files from the archive. That brought my site back to life (what a relief), but I'm still unable to access the admin section and the symptoms are just as they were after applying the 2.0.4 patch.

Symptoms: when I try to get to the admin section I get the screen that says that it's the first time I open the admin section (which is not true of course). When I click yes the screen that tels me to wait while the page reloads appears - on top of it is this small error message:
failed open file

and then I'm back to the screen that says it's the first time blah blah...

What can I do to regain the access to administrative interface? I already deleted the cache contents.

Re: 2.0.3 -> 2.0.5 upgrade problems
  • 2003/10/29 15:28

  • AndyB

  • Just popping in

  • Posts: 13

  • Since: 2003/2/19

OK, I figured that one out I think. The archive doesn't have properly set permissions on directories. A couple of chmods (og+w on cache, template_c and uploads) and it now seems to work.


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