Re: Xoops 2 module wish list


swisslyons wrote:
i want a super 'samrt' module, that i can type what I want in this forum and the code will be generated on the fly and emailed to me automagically

I could live with that. I think that is the "Magic Beans" module.

Re: Xoops 2 module wish list
  • 2003/3/2 2:44

  • Catzwolf

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swisslyons wrote:
i want a super 'samrt' module, that i can type what I want in this forum and the code will be generated on the fly and emailed to me automagically

keep up the good work devs!

PS. --> in the image admin in xoops2, would be nice if there was an option (checkbox/submit?) next to each upload image to be able to delete them...

Well what you waiting for? You opened your mouth So get on with this 'magic bean' module! As I to could do with this one!

Oh yeah? Is a samrt module better than a smart one??

Re: Xoops 2 module wish list
  • 2003/3/2 4:38

  • killa

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malexandria wrote:
Well most of these modules are available for the 1X series, I'm not sure if they work in the 2 series as I haven't tested them yet. You can get the UserPoints, Newsletter, Webmail, Dating, and Chat modules from the downloads area, or at Modscentral.com

Yes, I know these are available for 1.3 and I have tested all the old mods in 2 and most of them don't work properly. UserPoints installs but doesn't work, PP-News installs but only supports latest downloads, news, uploads, and links. As I believe this mod was originally a post nuke mod it needs to be at least updated for x2. To be honest I haven't tested the webmail mod from 1.3. After I originally posted this, FriendFinder 3.1 that is x2 compatible was released. I'm testing this mod now. I've also tested WebChat and although it installs and seems to work ok except that when going to the module page or clicking on the link in the main menu to lauch it, it opens by itself in the browser menu. No nav, no blocks, etc. That is unacceptable to me.


In upcoming releases of Xoops, we're going to be enhancing the Top Members Block to add more UserPoints features

That's encouraging news.

and XOOPS 2 includes an Image Gallery and the ability to send Email from within the system.

I said in my first post that I know two gallery mods exist for x2, but at tat time I hadn't been able to get either one working. I have since got Xoopsgallery to work for the most part except for a server-side NetPBM issue. I think it is a great mod, but would like a few more features before crown it king.

Re: Xoops 2 module wish list
  • 2003/10/8 11:06

  • aerialis

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sunsnapper wrote:
I would like some generic database modules, where you can specify fields and operations... here are some examples.


Generic Database Module:
PN Generic Database Beta Module

Hooks Module Proposals:
PN Hooks Module Proposal

But, for performance and ease of use (read quality of code) reasons, I prefer XOOPS instead of switching to the CMS these modules are currently ported for.


That would be absolutely fabulous!



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