myxoopscart, shoops, oscommerce
  • 2002/11/10 5:16

  • Bazus

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I have noticed now that the shooping cart spree has started, probably for the need to make XOOPS a little more ecommerce and that's great news.

In my opinion oscommerce has all the whistles and if anyone want to develop a shoping cart for XOOPS it should be in that direction. having for instance the best sellers, specials, reviews, currencies, manufactures and categories in diferent blocks would help greatly to the distribution in the shopping page.

another thing that is needed is the integration of this with a payment system, and for this comes in mind some payment methos like paypal, egold, ebuillon, etc..

are the developers considering these into the module?

commenting on oscommerce, it has these functions:

Visitors Cart
Every visitor to the online shop will be given a 'Visitors Cart'. This allows the visitor to store their products in a temporary shopping cart. Once the visitor leaves the online shop, so will the contents of their shopping cart.

Members Cart
Every member to the online shop that logs in is given a 'Members Cart'. This allows the member to add products to their shopping cart, and come back at a later date to finalize their checkout. All products remain in their shopping cart until the member has checked them out, or removed the products themselves.

If a member adds products to their 'Visitors Cart' and decides to log in to the online shop to use their 'Members Cart', the contents of their 'Visitors Cart' will merge with their 'Members Cart' contents automatically.

Re: myxoopscart, shoops, oscommerce
  • 2002/11/10 7:21

  • tuff

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Actually Shoops is not a port from osCommerce, but borrows many ideas and almost fully rewritten as a module for XOOPS. The features you mentioned above are just what I'm going to do, but only 'Members Cart' is working in this alpha version so far.
Only Paypal is included in Shoops for now and the payment system needs more work on it.


Re: myxoopscart, shoops, oscommerce
  • 2002/11/10 10:13

  • pauleley

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NOTE: Shoops requires the CVS version of XOOPS at the moment, 3.0.x is not supported.
So when is the CVS cooming out, As we still have no Shoping cart

Re: myxoopscart, shoops, oscommerce
  • 2003/5/26 1:03

  • Matted

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So these posts are rather dated. Does Shoops exist? If so, where.

Assuming shoops isn't ready for prime time, has anyone else solved the cart problem? Has anyone made oscommerce or some phpnuke solution work yet?

Re: myxoopscart, shoops, oscommerce
  • 2003/5/26 2:05

  • tom

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It was availiable, and i believe it still is, along with some other shoping mods, but they where for 1.3.* of xoops, although there was one, I saw which which itested on 2.0.* and seemed to work full, can't remember the url though, found it through one of the other XOOPS sites.

Re: myxoopscart, shoops, oscommerce
  • 2003/5/26 2:48

  • tom

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I just had a look at my archive of modules and it was myxoopscart, the original dev that brought to xoops, now users E-Xoops rather than xoops, so I don't think he activley develops it any more, although like I say, it seems to work and is availiable from his/her site:


Re: myxoopscart, shoops, oscommerce
  • 2003/8/20 20:20

  • rahil

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WEll I guess these forums thread on Shopping carts are old..now its august 2003 and I need a shopping cart module..So i was wondering if any of you can give me updates on currect position of shoops.oscommerce and myshop modules...

Re: myxoopscart, shoops, oscommerce
  • 2003/8/20 20:58

  • tom

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OSCommerce has been modulised although not too stable yet:


Also shoops can be found @:


Although this is for 1.3.* it may work on 2.0.*

Hope this helps.


Link to the XoopsForge site for my xoops:


Re: myxoopscart, shoops, oscommerce
  • 2003/8/20 21:45

  • rahil

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I was also wendering abt how th epayment through visa/mastercard is acheived.Cany anyoen please giv eme any insight on this..I know it must be through some third party stuff.. so hwo does shoops and osCommerce do that..is it liek paypal where all the data is submitted to paypal or what..
Also how much is charged like if we use paypal onour site then I think 2.9% is charged..
thanks for help

Re: myxoopscart, shoops, oscommerce
  • 2003/8/26 14:28

  • hoobamac

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Does any one know the latest version of myxoopscart? and where to get it? any experience in getting it working with the latest XOOPS version?



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