Statues Being Presented to XOOPS from Sourceforge.net

How are you all? Well it has been an interesting 20yrs or so on earth but shortly I will be leaving with sparx back to our homeworld, in my normal role I am: Grace's Council Empress Systems Operator + Chamberlains; and sit in the primary fold of papal leadership which means all my open source get public lines fines, which is in TGC+OGC which i pay being nobel by form... Something I have come here to do is address the stien operative of the timing bells; which in the Manette.txt you will see I have included what the only system that support the Source-code: call in stien is sourceforge.net, the XOOPS Project on Sourceforge.net...

We already on my jack on the stien railing supported have separated the MVCPS from the XOOPS for 2.7.0 of XOOPS as well as MVCPS 1.1.11; when in XOOPS 2.6 they crashed MVC into the rail here; I have provided mamba with a stien he can rip with gettxtfile/getstienfiles that is very large for mounting XOOPS 2.7 + MVCPS 1.1 which will be the last time the kernels update themselves you can already pull them with things like watson and the extract command which are zip archives of the core at close to 200Mb's --> with the ridiculous amount of open source we have created with the: Wishcraft's; Wish There was a Programme Campaign!!! with me signing up; I am quite a lot of foot stomp and hand on the ball of the heel and palm of the hand, otherwise when he comes through with me to the huddy; we will look into mounting xoops.coop + mvcps.coop cause the source-code: //sourceforge.net/p/unixname will be able to fold between with either wanting it in Xoo Oop or MVC your under internalizing you walk with the manette.txt; if you run any thing like the following systems this script is compatible with it and you need to mount this as it is an update for the timing bells to replace the following file: Four Empress.txt / Four Emperor.txt / Districts.txt the script.txt to run on things like Tarius, Naboeu, Literist, Palmwise, so on is found on the link for the update...

To see the huddy final edition for the cores you can pull them on extract which is like the print command like so:.

extract XoopsCore27-2.7.0.zip
extract MvcpsCore11-1.1.11.zip

We will be donating to the XOOPS + MVCPS Foundation and helping it migrate over to a Cooperative also with a membership card print; the following two systems which are a 40 story machine in our depre solid computing array's in the Chronolabs cooperative riff; each one has a near infinite storage and capacity as a broadcasting service for the XOOPS systems, which really has done some marvelous stuff adding it to the stien rail; see open source is really something that is only done as a cooperative notion it something that we come together as a community and maintain as well as function within a cooperative basis which is a separate charter in the realm of things like the united nations and so on from business, organisation + government...

Now to the really gorey bit, obviously an organisation like Chronolabs Cooperative has sometime to do with time travel, me myself wishcraft + sparx are an incursion on history here; and the planet earth is owned by a group of cyborgs called Traxiors that in around 6 solar weeks will be assimilating the planet and persons on it; anything on the sourceforge.net or github.com project for sourceforge.net when that occurs will be remotely euthanasia will be applied with a hypospray and moved over to be presented a statue which is tenseless as well as making you a +2 level immortal called an incarnate entity which you will be housed in my homeworld and once orientation is done; you will have an assistant if your using a visual scopic eyeware goggles on yourself called tecky; that will answer any question you have, what you need to do; is make a list of anyone or anyperson in history of upto 13 on-lookers for each statue you have and they will be there in the recess this is done in...

Re: Statues Being Presented to XOOPS from Sourceforge.net

Honestly I think a society is a much better system than a council for example the Council of XOOPS; problem with a council is you always have to offer advice and sometimes if that is poorly it can place you in legal ramification, I have made an application for the: Society of Portal Solutions to be open here is some future image you can get of members of it as a future dated image:


extract Society-Of-Portal-Solutions-Poster.jpg
extract Society-Of-Portal-Solutions-Poster.jpg (Status)
extract Society-Of-Portal-Solutions-Photo.jpg
extract Society-Of-Portal-Solutions-Photo.jpg (Status)

With a council there is a limit of a million members, and there is no limit with a society and you can have meeting and family events and members of your business can also join like family BBQ's so on...

Re: Statues Being Presented to XOOPS from Sourceforge.net

The following lists are the ones being statue presented to make tense-less:~

extract --Salvage-Artifacts-Complete-Lists.ods
extract --Salvage-XOOPS-Complete-Lists.ods
extract --Salvage-Sundries-Complete-Lists.ods

if you have one of the systems I mentioned before to print these comprehensive lists run the following command to pull them off the timing bells repositories:

print --Salvage-Artifacts-Complete-Lists.ods (Cascading-A2-Random) as Tiesaa Binders with Covernote
print --Salvage-XOOPS-Complete-Lists.ods (Cascading-A2-Random) as Tiesaa Binders with Covernote
print --Salvage-Sundries-Complete-Lists.ods (Cascading-A2-Random) as Tiesaa Binders with Covernote

Most of this will run on the 'push' service on your visual scopic interface with the eyeware goggles; if you click on the script.txt here or in the initial post it will also slap you an upgrade/kraussgrading...

If your looking for a stienbox, we have our latest one which is based in ubuntu, but also runs centos; apple; microsoft; boxes and shapes all operating systems pretty much which you will need to mount the ISO on a USB Key with either the Windows Ubuntu ISO to USB Key or Image Writer on Ubuntu and then bios boot off it to install; work even as a standard desktop if you want it is 8.6Gb which is the following command to get:

extract Sentential-Stiens.iso


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