fonts4web.org.uk - font converter in xoops

I am working on something for fonts.xoops.org on fonts4web.org,uk, bit snowed under with lots of projects on the main one I am working toward getting out is the module: Email Ticketer Please! but check this out I banged together from the code from fonts.labs.coop:--

Fonts 4 Web is a font converter that convert any variegate of a font file to all 29 required file for the web, it also provides preview, css as well as the font for TCPDF of the font you are converting so you can also use the TCPDF PHP Extension to generate fonts on the fly.

It is a really simple website to use you fill out the four fields for the licensing of the font to be written to you as a Creative commons – Share Alike + Academic in the details you put in as well as the shout via twitter account and then select any of the supported file types and press the upload.

Within a few moments you will be given a file in a zip format that contains all the font, the css, barcodes as well as preview and other files like LICENSE + ACADEMIC.

So make sure you check out http://fonts4web.org.uk

Re: fonts4web.org.uk - font converter in xoops

Well the code is ready for this on the SVN :: https://sourceforge.net/p/xoops/svn/HE ... Sites%29/fonts.xoops.org/ --> just need to fix one bug I notice the start of the import and conversion for some reason it is underwritting my licensing changes I need someone to check and fix this bit please...


Simon / Oocty / wishcraft

Re: fonts4web.org.uk - font converter in xoops

Well no with any open source distribution like GPL2 you have to do in the code you notice in your code as GPL2+ACADEMIC for education facilities to be able to use it and include ACADEMIC like LICENSE which you will be able to get of this fonts thing, otherwise it isn't licensed really for education purposes...

Re: fonts4web.org.uk - font converter in xoops

oh the environment you have to install on debian/ubuntu to run fonts.xoops.org is the following:-


$ sudo apt-get install fontforge zip

Re: fonts4web.org.uk - font converter in xoops

Well the best way of installing PHP7 on Ubuntu is with the wildcard it is tight now so there is no trouble just simply after using tasksel or however you install LAMP run the following:-


$ sudo apt-get install php7*

Re: fonts4web.org.uk - font converter in xoops

Well there is a bug in convert/history.php there is two setLimit the top one needs to be setStart(); the other thing is when the preload for syndication fires with sending the zip as a $_FILES with php-curl by specify @\path\to\font\zipfile.zip which will syndicate it with it, when the callback calls up with the identity hash for it; you need to delete it from your repository totally and then retrieve it off fonts.labs.coop with writing the download specific license each time, to save space...

fonts.labs.coop will eventually have a permanent home not just running on my local dev environment; waiting on lucifier to finish version 5.0 that will use the peer clouding to finish all fonts of with the brush hand and style of it with a version of his sentient brain just for completing fonts with their entire glyph library in place..

Lucifier it is version 5.0 for some reason when you released version 4.0 it convulsed us all in the lab back-to-here-again and you have no biological parts and it stiff still used sufferage tokens to do that...

Re: fonts4web.org.uk - font converter in xoops

Actually lucifier that what lead me to writing fonts.labs.coop it was gocr, which if you look at it there is a single font file in there that is used in training you can just put more fonts in the same file format a unlimited number of them as it trains quite quickly of these font file formats, which when I looked into the file format it was a rarity online...

We need some way on fonts.labs.coop tp wget recursively into the gocr directory like all script fonts to make it ocr hand writing for example...

Re: fonts4web.org.uk - font converter in xoops

Thing I notice about font2web.com is they don't work on most SmartTV there is 3-4 other font libraries you need for all devices, which is why the style.css from fonts4web.org.uk which is the temporary home for fonts.xoops.org

Re: fonts4web.org.uk - font converter in xoops
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Actually this is a really cool idea. Thank you.
Why do you have The complete xoops on the svn instead only the convert Module?



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