So much wasted potential
  • 2017/2/5 17:56

  • wayneG

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I have used this for the first time, i like its potential, but with NO up to date support it is a waste of time.
This forum appears dead, no youtube videos, no online step by steps. wtf? So much easier than Joomla but not something you can just figure out.
Where is the easy to understand support from 2016?
I feel i have just wasted a weekend with this, such a shame.
I have a menu bar i cant remove because i cant find the theme.html file to edit and there is no help anywhere.
Why do i have the same menu 3 times in 3 styles?
Why cant i download themes from your gallery?
How about giving people a blank page to start.

sorry for the rant but i had high hopes and now i am back to square one and thinking it will just be easier to pay someone instead.

Re: So much wasted potential
  • 2017/2/6 4:03

  • Mamba

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I've already responded to you earlier today on Facebook, so the best way is to ask questions here, and then somebody will be hopefully able to help you.

Please note: this is Open Source, i.e. people help when they are available. However, if you would like a paid support, that could be arranged.

For theme design, I would highly recommend the book "Designing for XOOPS"
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: So much wasted potential

I have to echo wayneG's sentiments from way back with the point being nothing seems to have changed in 4 years. XOOPS was listed in my host's softaculous so I thought I'd give it a try. Gave it 3.5hrs today and now I'm walking away. Leaving this message here to help others avoid the same.

Before my reply this thread is still on page 1 of the beginners forum despite being 4 years ago, so not a lot of activity here. Project seems dead. Except, the code still works. But there is no support material written for years, so maybe it's just dead to beginners.

If you're the owner / operator of a site and you want a no-code approach to the use of your time, then unfortunately this falls short. Only for want of supporting material. It has potential, but it will take longer to get to "hello world" than is reasonable.

E.g. XOOPS has no ability to let you start publishing on its own, you have to manually add modules with a file manager in the back end on the server first. Like it's 2010. Then you immediately have to work around the lack of docs, like the first recommended module of Xmcontent will not run when uploaded, it gives "Handler does not exist" errors out of the box. But if you rename its subfolder from default xmcontent-1.5Final to xmcontent then it works. I can think of several tech reasons why but first impressions are that I don't want to care.

XOOPS for a complete owner/operator no-code experience seems possible with just a few enhancements (like loading modules via a GUI) and some fresh documentation.

Not a criticism such as a disappointment, and a warning to other softaculous users.

Maybe I will check in looking for more docs in future. My hopes aren't high though, given the "Buy a 6 year old book " response above in 2017 and almost nothing written in the 4 years since.

Re: So much wasted potential
  • 2021/4/6 21:40

  • alain01

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Hi, XOOPS is not for basic user like you seems to be, for sure.
Yes, i agree with you, XOOPS should be managed by webmasters, not by basic users.

Welcome to basic users.
Forum are here to anwser to your questions and problems.

It's like skiing or driving, you should learn some basic notions.
It would be a lie to say the opposite !

You can use other CMS with click click click like a blackbox
you can be master of your work, Thus, with XOOPS you will have more scope to modify EXCATELY as you want your site, your design, your pages, your style.
XOOPS is not a blackbox, but you need to learn a bit.

For french users, there are some very recent tutorials here

So, in 2 words,
Use blackbox, or if you want to master of your destiny, learn and use XOOPS !

Ps : for activity see this !
No activity ? lol see here too

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