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Just popping in
Posted on: 2017/2/5 17:56
wayneG (Show more)
Just popping in
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So much wasted potential

I have used this for the first time, i like its potential, but with NO up to date support it is a waste of time.
This forum appears dead, no youtube videos, no online step by steps. wtf? So much easier than Joomla but not something you can just figure out.
Where is the easy to understand support from 2016?
I feel i have just wasted a weekend with this, such a shame.
I have a menu bar i cant remove because i cant find the theme.html file to edit and there is no help anywhere.
Why do i have the same menu 3 times in 3 styles?
Why cant i download themes from your gallery?
How about giving people a blank page to start.

sorry for the rant but i had high hopes and now i am back to square one and thinking it will just be easier to pay someone instead.


Posted on: 2017/2/6 4:03
Mamba (Show more)
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Re: So much wasted potential

I've already responded to you earlier today on Facebook, so the best way is to ask questions here, and then somebody will be hopefully able to help you.

Please note: this is Open Source, i.e. people help when they are available. However, if you would like a paid support, that could be arranged.

For theme design, I would highly recommend the book "Designing for XOOPS"
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