xmnews 1.5 Final Released
  • 2021/2/6 19:55

  • Mage

  • Core Developer

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  • Since: 2009/8/2 1

xmnews module for XOOPS CMS 2.5.10+ is now available in version 1.5 final!

The xmnews module allows you to create articles in categories and finely manage permissions by
- Read the article summary
- Read the full article
- Submit an article
- Edit & publish an article
- Delete

Changes in this version:

Bug fixes:
- Logo display problem when deleting a news message
- Logo display problem when message deleting a category if it did not have a logo
- An error message appeared if you tried to access a category without authorization
- The search displayed the results even if we did not have access rights
- An error message appeared if we tried to modify a news item with a false id
- The publication date was proposed at the next 10 minutes which prevented an instant publication

- Better integration of xmsocial to rate an article
- Addition of the social media part of the xmsocial module
- Addition of the number of reading of a news in the administration (page which lists the news)
- Modification of the FR translation
- Optimization of Bt3 and Bt4 templates
- php8 compatibility
- Addition of a block which lists the titles of the news (with or without logo)
- Addition of a carousel type block
- You can now choose a color for a category. This option allows you to color a news according to its category. This improvement is especially visible with the Bt4 templates
- Plugin for the waiting module (directly integrated into the waiting module)

- Change index.html to index.php

xmdoc on github: https://github.com/GregMage/xmnews

xmdoc description: https://www.monxoops.fr/modules/xmdoc/document.php?doc_id=3

Re: xmnews 1.5 Final Released
  • 2021/2/6 23:35

  • alain01

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A fantastic carousel bloc of news with automatic updating!

Yes, you are not dreaming, an automatic CARROUSEL!

Re: xmnews 1.5 Final Released
  • 2021/2/7 8:09

  • goffy

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great work Mage, thank you

Re: xmnews 1.5 Final Released
  • 2021/2/7 10:11

  • heyula

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  • Since: 2008/4/24

Great module thanks a lot.
New blocks have been great .

Re: xmnews 1.5 Final Released
  • 2021/2/8 9:46

  • alain01

  • Just can't stay away

  • Posts: 520

  • Since: 2003/6/20

You want to see what the 2 new blocks,
- Carousel of articles,
- list of articles?

Take a look at the home page of https://www.monxoops.fr/,
you will be able to see these 2 blocks in production!



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