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Posted on: 3/12 4:47
IMichuxD (Show more)
Just popping in
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Cannot connect BDD Mysql

Xoops version: 2.5.10
php version: 7.3
Mysql version: 5.6.39

Database connection fail.. cannot connect

Server hostname

User name


user and pass is good but no continue install... cannot connect.. hope anyone help me


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Posted on: 3/13 18:34
geekwright (Show more)
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Re: Cannot connect BDD Mysql

Where are you running the install code? On your local computer or on webcindario.com?

In the fourms at https://soporte.miarroba.com/ there are a number of problems reported because
mysql.webcindario.com does not accept external connections. The PHP code must be running on a webcindario.com server.