XOOPS Module Team ~ Need Face to Face Meetups!

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To XOOPS Team,

How are you all? Look I just wanted to write as the only module developer team member that seems to be active, I am really needing some face to face calling in over webcam I am feeling really isolated and it is not helping with my moral which is effecting the time I put in at the keyboard... I also feel we should move xoops.org to linode.com as a hosting as we will get a lot more bang for our buck in the cloud environment, however the xoops.org site isn't providing any load on the dedicated service so I have been developing a series of API's for xoops.org which are found here in the SVN: https://sourceforge.net/p/xoops/svn/HE ... in%20APIs%20&%20Sites%29/

There is a couple of physical sites in there namely fonts.xoops.org (this just needs a slightly adjustment to the curl too syndicate the file upload which is on my github.com/DrARoberts/gist with fonty.xoops.org the fonts api) and there is one I would like marketing as well as anyone who can write modules help me with releases.xoops.org that I want to put on kitchen.xoops.org I think in resolve; it is a place where all cores, modules, themes get checked in and quarantined to be built for a release copy; it will also build a function and classes wiki at the same time from examining the code libraries in a self learning system, you will be able to check things in from Git, SVN, File Upload, WebDav...

Releases.xoops.org planning also has an adult consenting system for under age minors and education system support, with an in-house group editor, so for example educational sites can sign classes in which once if under age consent is granted by the adult guardian via signature and legal document return (It will have to generate an inbox with the email address propagation api ~ for checking for the image of the signed document returning then filing in the hidden XOOPS Legal SVN where backups and legal documents are stored via SVN on sourceforge.net). the releases.xoops.org once a module is submitted for release will quarantine the module/theme/core and spot check it for documentation and flaws, then once quarantine is released will map it for the wiki on functions and classes (as well as polling the documentation team for class and function calling examples)...

I would like to develop this with whomever can meet me on skype and keep company at the keyboard I have spent years behind the keyboard alone and are going a bit stir crazed.. The API will all have something added to them called ?xoopskey= which a module I will finish tonight called 'authkey' as well as I should get time to finished the System Plugin Module 'xoopskey' for retrieving a new xoopskey and storage of one as a preset configuration and put on the SVN is for xoops.org, it will come with the xPayment plugin for purchasing above average calling threshold on our APIs tokens for more calls at a flat rate to bring xoops.org another revenue stream from high end sites using the APIs on xoops.org

Re: XOOPS Module Team ~ Need Face to Face Meetups!
  • 2018/6/29 6:22

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hi wishcraft

Look I just wanted to write as the only module developer team member that seems to be active

I'm not officially in module developer team, but I'm also trying to develop modules (https://github.com/ggoffy). But I never really learnt programming (learnt all myself).
The idea with a central directory/place for all releases sound good. But a lot of things you wrote I'm even not understanding, therefore I'm not sure whether I could be a help or not.

Re: XOOPS Module Team ~ Need Face to Face Meetups!

You can always if you like join the Chronolabs Cooperative group, I am and would love too have more than a 2 handed horse in the code repositories for it!! Connect to my Skype so we can chat!



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