XOOPS as an MVC is not an XOO + OOP Classes/Include Structure would only be MVCPS.coop

Look I don't want to shunt the gun at the moment looking at the xoops engine 3.0, but if you ask me and I have a qualified master of science with RMIT with 2008 in IT, Physics + Psychology; ever started pushing for an MVC version of XOOPS which believe me isn't what you find still classically c++, c ansi, perl, java and other languages still follow it the XOO + OOP Structure of being a classes/including folder panagram...

XOOPS 2.6 is good but it still missing and should be written in now the structure is set the requirements in the XOOPS Documentation area for addition requirements for the library to support as well as the upgrade I wrote to convert the database entirely to INNODB to support database 'constraints' in mysql which is in the 2.5/2.6 forums recently by me topically, which increase speed exponentially of the database due to probability predictions in the structure it stores it in from them... Mamba has a copy in his gmail of mysql.sql with all the database root constraints set that need to be added to the upgrade when set in his gmail.com under my name if he searches - Simon Roberts!

It also needs it additional classes for reverse compatibility with XOOPS 2.5 and so on it essential it is an easily walk through and over without the composer call these files should be included only updatable with composer in the distribution master.zip.. Remember Richard, I have always remained off the XOOPS Council; even though I carry ID That would even allow me to list with the American XOOPS LLC as kinda like a moderator mediator cause of the co-relationship between the XOOPS Foundation + Chronolabs Cooperative generally using it for intranet and so on!

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I will remain an anonymous veto on what mamba keeps saying it has to be reverse compatible still and all the requirements like XOOPS Documentation met to complete XOOPS 2.6

Honestly if you branded a top end code library not backend library with XOOPS with an MVC route and so on not manually written by the system module as an extra plugin to the root .htaccess, then you would be consider as an XOO + OOP as an MVC as some sort of mental health escapee or day release about on the web!

Re: XOOPS as an MVC is not an XOO + OOP Classes/Include Structure would only be MVCPS.coop

btw. Michael Beck All Abored the Choo Choo Express too newly founded land:~

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Re: XOOPS as an MVC is not an XOO + OOP Classes/Include Structure would only be MVCPS.coop

The reason XOO + OOP is so popular with a /class /include structure in not only PHP, but c++, C Ansi, Perl, Java etc, is the code is transpositional and will become when routed external like on sourceforge.net into someone else gravity well meter maid; the language constructs for their systems, not many MVC do this they are earth specific!



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