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Posted on: 2014/11/20 17:28
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syndipay.com -- About this Unique Syndisolution!

Syndipay.com is going to be a interglobalised invoicing & payment solutions for you and third parties; as well as your business clients or if your a single staff member and need to run invoices, this is the place to start and hop on!

Syndipay.com is a interglobal payment system, for a group of business which use the web for business and consultancy processes. It has been a growing business in online payments that utilises the very best of open business and open source to provide the delivery of invoice and payment topologies on the web.

If your using a Syndipay.com business you know they have passed all our quality of care investigations and have been identified as a highly ethical and fraud free business practises.

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I have been working on this off and on to centralise billing in my web design business... I am using a gateway and already have all the merchant facilities organised..