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How can I remove the 'Attached File' link in olderion?

Re: Olderion
  • 2013/9/11 13:49

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It seems like this is a bug or missed feature.

Right now, I guess, the only way is to go to your Database and remove the name of the file from your product. It is in the "oledrion_products" table, in the "product_attachment" column. Once you delete, the link disappears.

I guess, normally each attachment should be visible in the edit function for the product, where you could add and delete the attached files. There is also the tab for "Attached files", so I would imagine that it should show the files that have been added directly in Product Edit, but it didn't show up in my test installation. I'll address it with the developer.
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Re: Olderion
  • 2014/7/30 8:08

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It is possible interconnect module Oledrion and Profile?
I need to Oledrion while paying used user data, to be entered in Profile. To them he did not re-fill. If purchased not logged visitor, would have on its own fill so as in Oledrion now. But logged user should not have been.

Next, add the ability to add multiple contact forms.
It would also help in that, it would be possible add to the form custom fields, such as VAT and other. Companies usually need to fill in the billing information. Also can make a difference between billing and shipping address.

So what is most lacking, as payment modules.
Does anyone supplement least known payment gateways? Nowhere on the web I can not find even locally, let alone international.

Each product can only add one image.
It would be possible to add there possibility of adding at least five pictures (or more)?

Re: Olderion

If it required a major update then it is likely not going to happen any time soon. Most of the major updates to modules are being done to support 2.6 and some of the programmers that would be able to do this are working on 2.6.


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