Re: What to do against fake users registering?
  • 2012/5/12 23:34

  • Anonymous

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To be honest I hate to use recaptcha as a user Roby. Could be the fact I have the age I can't read tiny text without glasses... In many cases I have to reload the captcha many times before I can read it, or I get errors because of a mistype. It's frustrating and not user friendly....

Re: What to do against fake users registering?
  • 2012/5/13 0:45

  • Roby73

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you're right!
But I had too many fake users... for my site was the only solution

Re: What to do against fake users registering?

Sorry to dig out a very old topic.

I have similar issue, just to avoid, i have turned off the registration.

I have very less actual user( 1-2 per week), So want to provide a free text field say"Why do you want to join this forum" where the user can fill up the details and the admin can then read and decide to approve it or not.

I am not sure, if this field is already available on the default installation (I cant find it). Any suggestion or hint will be highly appreciated.

I am currently on XOOPS 2.5.3


Re: What to do against fake users registering?
  • 2013/4/3 13:27

  • zyspec

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There's other options too.... I implemented a version of Are You a Human Captcha into XOOPS 2.5.5. You can see AYAH demo athttp://areyouahuman.com/demo/. I believe this may only be available in English though.

Drop me a PM if you're interested in the XOOPS version and I can send it to you - again, I've only tested this in 2.5.5.

Re: What to do against fake users registering?
  • 2013/4/3 14:56

  • xoobaru

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Does this make a site dependent on a third party API site such as Google? I don't like such third party dependencies as it then allows their analytics to compile intelligence on the users of any site availing itself of its services. Which would in this case be all users signing up to the site.

I am hoping you are going to tell me that it is standalone.

Re: What to do against fake users registering?
  • 2013/4/3 15:58

  • zyspec

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This plugin does use the AYAH API. I understand the reluctance to use plugins for both performance and security reasons for CAPTCHA or other services (maps, charts, etc.). You will need to check the AYAH site to determine if their policies meet your requirements.

I used it for a customer on a site where they felt the benefit outweighed other concerns.

Re: What to do against fake users registering?
  • 2013/4/4 3:13

  • irmtfan

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I think a global honey pot like sfs (can be enabled from protector preferences) is good for you if you dont mind to use external tools.

Re: What to do against fake users registering?
  • 2013/4/4 11:20

  • Mazarin

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This has been a growing problem for me as well during the last couple of months
Something to keep in mind for 2.6.

Re: What to do against fake users registering?

As of this date I have 3 weeks of classes left and then finals.
I will be getting my outstanding projects finished up and then will be looking at Profile.

I believe by making the authentications into plugins that can be turned on and off within profile it will make life easier for those wanting to support other features.

Personally with the ideas I plan to develop into Profile I believe profile may become nearly as flexible as xoops its self but we shall see. I will be making use of my recent classes and try developing some documents prior to programming this so I can have it well planned out before I start coding.

I am currently in a requirements class as well as a quality assurance class which expands upon these requirements. So will be interesting to make use of these classes.

Re: What to do against fake users registering?
  • 2013/4/5 12:58

  • deepak267

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Dear redhead,

Thanks for your help.

in my knowledge, most xoops site will have less than 5 registration a day. so if the admin get following option, that will help a lot to admin

1. There should be form/field on the registration page, where the user can write why s/he want to join the forum. The admin should turn off this field on the preference setting (though i don't see any reason why the admin would turn off this option).

2. when the activation request mail is sent to admin, the above custom message should be included in the mail so the admin can decide if s/he want to approve it or not.

3. on the mail to admin for notification, there should be following links
a. "Send activation link to User"
b. "Activate user".
c. "Ban this IP for future registration"

This will save a lot of time for the admin, as at present the admin need to login to the admin module, search the user and then activate it.



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