IP address relocated
  • 2012/10/1 5:34

  • Karl

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Hi all,

I use Xoops as platform for my website for years now. Resently my host GoDaddy.com relocated my website to a new server therefore, changed my website IP address.

Now only the "Welcome" page of my website can be seen. You clic "Enter" to get into it and you're sent to a blank page.

*After contacting GoDaddy.com, they told me this: "The A record of your primary hosted domain has been updated. You must manually update the A record of any non-primary hosted domains not in your hosting shopper account to point to the new IP address.."

One more detail is, that i now can't even log to my original Xoops adminitration page, which is not to be seen anymore too?? Therefore, i can't change or redirect the IP address by this device.

**Does anyone have encountered a simillar situation?

Thanks for your advices.

Re: IP address relocated
  • 2012/10/1 8:12

  • irmtfan

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It is very strange to me.
generally you can get access to your website when the DNS for your domain is set for new IP.

get a ping from your domain to see if it is set to the new IP?

could you see your website by IP?
it is for public_html access:
it is for subdomain:

if you can see your website by using the above links your domain is not set yet.

Re: IP address relocated
  • 2012/10/1 15:22

  • Peekay

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Most hosts use the same directory structure when they change servers, but it may be that the physical path has changed, e.g. from:




If so, you will need to edit mainfile.php.

Also, it really could take up to 48 hours for the IP change to reach your local DNS server, so you may find things work properly tomorrow.

Re: IP address relocated

Also may want to delete all of your cache files and let the system rebuild them.

Re: IP address relocated
  • 2012/10/19 7:22

  • Karl

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Thanks to all of you,

Unfortunatly, i still can't enter my website neither see my Xoops admin page??? After getting and other response from GoDaddy, telling me to go redirect the DNS "A" (host) Record toward the right IP address, manually, i findout that everything was already properly set. Once again, since the beginning of this, i've always been able to see my front page or "flash" page (direct link to my Domain Name and IP) but, no subdomains or anything els can be found when we clic on "ENTER"??

Well, if you guys have more ideas or suggestions i'll be happy to read them. 'Cause, this trouble is pretty annoying.

Thanks again.. i'm looking foward to reading about you all.

By the way, irmtfan, i couldn't see any of my pages using the links you shown me. *Using my IP address of course.

Re: IP address relocated
  • 2012/11/26 3:56

  • Karl

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I'm still working on the same website issue. After my server relocated my website IP to a new one, i can't access my (xoops admin page). Also, when we click "ENTER" on the front page of the website, nothing happen, the site stand still seeking for something to download.

Now, after questionning the hosting company, apparently they found that my ".htaccess file" would have been damaged or lost during the IP exchange????

Is anyone can bring help regarding .htaccess?

Such as:

- Is the exemple shown on this site below a good one to create a .htaccess file. (http://www.htaccess-guide.com/how-to-use-htaccess/ )

- Where in the FTP directory should i download my new .htaccess file.

If any of you guys can give me some help regarding the .htaccess fille for FTP directories, it would be very appreciated.


Re: IP address relocated
  • 2012/11/26 12:14

  • mrphilong

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Hi Karl,

I too have had issue with .htacces on Godaddy, suggest you to remove it first and follow the below link, find your new host IP address and update A record.


allow 2-48hours.

Re: IP address relocated
  • 2012/11/27 4:54

  • Karl

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Hi mrphilong, and thanks for the help.

I was wondering if i should assingned or forward some subdomains to my new IP address (main domain name).

Would that have anything to do with seeing the content of my website or not?


Re: IP address relocated
  • 2012/11/28 4:15

  • Karl

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Yes, i did indeed checked my A record and everything relate to the right IP in there.

There's below what Godaddy find as problem with my site, since it got migrated.

"The issue appears to be due to a redirect issue, as your index.php file is attempting to redirect. This is likely caused by a missing .htaccess file, as I was not able to find a .htaccess file within your hosting account. I recommend using your preferred search engine to find a suitable example."

So, now i'm looking for a "suitable exemple" of .htaccess file.

Any expertise or help would be appreciated.

Re: IP address relocated
  • 2012/11/28 14:10

  • trabis

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Did you made the changes Peekay and redheadedrod suggested?


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