blanktheme disables copy - would like to enable
  • 2012/2/26 19:24

  • Mcron

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I'm looking for a theme with bottom blocks, where the block
sections are well defined. What I mean is columns are boxed
in to where it is clearly defined where 1 column ends and
another begins, other than the default theme.

The only thing I've found that comes close to working is
blanktheme, except that it won't let me highlight or copy.

Any recommendations on a wide theme, 3 columns, with
bottom blocks, or how to enable copy on blank theme ?


Re: blanktheme disables copy - would like to enable
  • 2012/3/4 2:31

  • Mcron

  • Just popping in

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This was baffling, the theme does not allow you to highlight
text. I believed this to be a function within the theme that
blocked cutting and copying text...

I turned off java in my browser, thinking it was java code,
without effect, still couldn't highlight text. It didn't matter
if I was viewing a a web page or editing a news page.

I finally found the source of the problem.

Lines 107 and 108 of style.css sets the selection style to be
the same as normal text. These settings makes it look like
you can't highlight, which was not the case. You could,
you just couldn't see what was highlighted. It made me
believe that cut and copy were disabled, which was not

Commenting out lines 107, and 108 reverts to normal
selection highlighting, cut and copy work just fine.


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